Saturday, July 31, 2004


A Sunday school teacher asked her class, "What was Jesus' mother's name?" One child answered, "Mary."

The teacher then asked, "Who knows what Jesus' father's name was?"

A little kid said, "Verge."

Confused, the teacher asked, "Where did you get that?"

The kid said, "Well, you know they are always talking about Verge n' Mary


Tep Ten Zep Songs

What are your top ten Led Zeppelin songs? I'd have to mostly agree with this guy, but I'd put Song Remains the Same, Communication Breakdown, and the Ocean on there, and take off Ten Years Gone, Dyer Maker, and Black Dog.
Dang, maybe I need to make a top twenty list...

Now this guy kicks ass!

Welcome to American Pride, Kerry Hater!

Join the Club!

Pei and I both know what she's talking about. It sure ain't easy coming out of College and trying to figure out your place in the world. This situation seems compounded when the ollege/university is religious in nature. The notion that when religious folks graduate from their studies, they are endowed with Divine direction and discernment about their life is not accurate! Take it from Pei and me, it ain't that simple! But it's important to keep on keeping on. A good friend of mine told me that once and I believe it. Keep making positive decisions, keep struggling through, and look to that light at the end and say "that's where I'm going". Even if the goal is far away, each step brings you closer.
Keep on keepin' on.

Can't believe I didn't mention this sooner...

Everyone has to check out JibJab's video "This land is my Land"
Extreme Drink Alert in effect!

And the Fires continue to burn

The forest Fire situation in BC isn't getting very much better. Currently, there are around 385 fires burning throughout the province. According to the Forest Service, containment for the five largest is next to nothing on all but one of them. Here's a neat map which shows the level of precipitation which has fallen in the last twenty four hours. As you can see, thie situation is ripe throughout the southern three quarters of BC. No rain plus hot weather equals big risk.

From the CBC story linked to in the title:
"The men and women in the various agencies are, to be blunt, working their asses off right now."

I've got two buddies working out there right now. One does maintenance on the pump system, while the other is essentially on the front lines. Work seemed to slow down for them when it rained a couple of weeks ago, but they are "once more unto the breach" right now.
One thing is for certain: They ARE working their asses off. The people who fight fires are some of the most amazing people you'll ever meet. Anyone who gets up close and personal with this is bound to be a unique individual!
So a big thanks to all those who are working on this. You all kick ass, and I for one am grateful for what you do.

A sign of things to come

Muahahah! Hey Bombers Fans! Your team SUCKS!!!! HEHEHEHE They got CLOBBERED again last night! And do you know what? It's gonna happen on August 12th. Edmonton is gonna do to them the same as they did last night! Woo Hoo!

I hope the beer is good at the stadium, because the football will be a joke!

Friday, July 30, 2004

My Hero

When I heard about this guy's story last year, I thought it was absolutely brilliant. Now that he has finished the course, I'd like to comment about the insane jealousy I feel right now. Why couldn't I come up with an idea like that??? Heck, I bet Titleist or Ping would help pay the expenses if I used their equipment!
What a great story. More Here
Maybe I can "Hockey Mongolia"...

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Cursed Varicella Zoster

Well, as many of you know by now, I've been rather ill this past week. There's been plenty of great stuff to blog out there, especially the Democratic National Convention, but I've been bed-ridden since Sunday night, and was only now able to break free into the wilderness that is downtown Smithers.

Over the past little while, the infectious disease known as Varicella Zoster has been wreaking irritation upon many people I know. My pastor's two youngest kids had it, my nephew got it, and three weeks ago, my dad contracted it and had to miss a week of work! According to my mom, I contracted it as a baby, and since a recurrence of the disease is as unlikely as the Leafs winning the cup next year, I figured I was safe. So arrogant and cocky was I that, when my Pastor offered the housesitting job to me while he goes on vacation this month, I wholeheartedly agreed! Sure, why not swim in a house full of good ol' varicella? I'll be fine!

Well, Friday night my head began to hurt, and my back began to ache. Saturday at work I could hardly function, and told my co-worker I was quitting early*, Sunday night saw me as catatonic as a corpse... and the fun was just beginning! I did not sleep Sunday night. When Monday morning finally rolled around, a trip to doctor revealed that, yessir, I was infected big time! Not only did my head feel as though someone was scraping at my scalp from the inside, but I was convinced that someone was peeling the skin off of my back with a pitchfork. Looks like I'm get a week off work. That night, my throat was so constricted I couldn't eat (even if I had an appetite!), but on Tuesday morning everything I had drank came RIGHT BACK UP in one hideously disgusting vomit session.... this after about five minutes of dry heaving! I thought my very guts were gonna be next. And then there was the itching...
But that afternoon saw the tide turn. Tuesday night I was alert and alive, and glory-be I actually got some sleep. The worst is certainly over, and now, on Thursday afternoon, I can say that the baddest thing now is the itching. Most of the lumps have cracked, and have turned into annoying scabby bits, which I'm told don't last. I look hideous, and I'm probably still contagious, but at least I'm not considering euthanasia anymore! since this weekend is a long on in BC, I've got until Tuesday off work. I'm hoping to be close to 100% by then.

This explains the lack of posting lately. As I say, I really wanted to, since the Dems are doing their best to look like complete buffoons at their national convention. The only speech that I thought was done well, was spoken by Jennifer Granholm, the governer of Michigan (full transcripthere). Her brother, Bob Granholm, taught me during my first year of college, so yes, I'm biased. He had to cancel class one week because he wanted to be with his sister as she won her election in 2002. For a democrat, she's alright. A little piece of Canada in the American government!
But seriously, most of the speeches I watched on C-span were delivered terribly. I know it isn't always easy to deliver a speech from a teleprompter but come on! These are supposed to be professionals! Many looked like amateurs just trying to struggle through their ten or fifteen minutes. And don't even get me started on Teresa Heinz-Kerry's speech. Was that not the lamest, most boring thing you've ever heard?!?!?! Who the heck put that thing together for her? Please tell me she didn't write it herself! She spoke with about as much vigor as a can of molassis. I know she's rich and snooty and doesn't give a crap about anyone, but she could at least PRETEND to be interested in what she's saying! The red dress was a nice touch though... a not-so-subtle reminder that she's the billionaire heir to the throne of the ketchup company. hehe.

So that's probably it for the day. For those of you who didn't link the link through the title of this post, here is the truth about Varicella Zoster.
* I worked for ten hours that day, so it wasnt like I went home really early, I just didnt want to keep going.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Blindness of the 'Nuckies

I almost choked on my tongue when I read this.  To any Cloutier supporters out there, I have only one word: FOOLS!  Why do we continue to hold on to a man who can't even make it through a post season anymore without getting hurt?  The guy's always been fragile, and he's certainly shown us that he can't be relied on when we need him most.  What we need is a Brodeur or a Theodore... someone who's there all the time, and is always playing well.  I suppose it's good that we avoided arbitration, but geez... we need to take a page out of Ottawa's book and start looking at new options.

Beginning to see the light...

Well, my insane-busy workweeks are basically done now, so I can start posting here again.  It's been psycho... really, it has.  I'm not really a fan of overworking, so it hasn't been quite my cup of tea.  I really love to relax, which is why I've decided to spend the next two weeks almost anywhere but the office.  Ah yes... I smell the sweet scent of freedom.

And by the way, Temujin, I saw your pastor this Sunday, and he said "hi" from you.  I told him "hi" from me.  Good times.  He seems like a cool guy.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Sir George Kicks Ass

So go read this, and be sure to check out his own blog here.
Good Stuff.

Yo bitch, get me a mocha

This is quite something:
'Magic' Johnson Opens Starbucks in Compton

Gee, that sounds like a great place to open a new business!
The basketball phenomenon and businessman was on hand Saturday for the official opening of the city's first Starbucks. The Seattle-based coffee chain and Johnson Development Corp. have opened 68 coffee shops in ethnically diverse neighborhoods since 1998.

Ethnically diverse!?!? That's a nice way of saying "you stick with your own kind, or you be gettin' wacked".
The sentiment is good news for the residents of this Los Angeles suburb whose image has been tarnished in recent years by a political corruption scandal, a financially troubled community college, and a school district that was under state control for several years because of low test scores and other problems.

"other problems"??? Like, gang warfare on every corner, drugs all over the place, and prostitution running rampant? Not nearly as important as the financially troubled community college!
I guess this is a good thing, but I can't help but feel sorry for the poor employees who will most likely deal with the craziest mo-fo's you ever did see. However, one good thing did come out of Compton, and for that, I be givin' mad props to th' homeboyz in da hood!

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Reason Number 8509 to bring back Death Penalty

In order to execute the perpetrators of this piece of ass-helmetedness.
Better yet, let me spend a few minutes with 'em. I'll make sure they never do it again.

Friday, July 23, 2004

Google sure has changed a lot

Via Kevin Fox, check out Google's search engine, circa 1960!
(Stanley Cup Ring to the obscure law professor in Tennessee)

More New Bloggy goodness

Via the New Blog Showcase, we have this:
Hey Kerry! Which is it?
Hey Dems! When will you get tired of this guy?

I mean do you really take this guy seriously? What is your reasoning in voting for him? Is it that he’s not Bush? Wow! That’s intelligent. That’s like saying, “I don’t care who runs this country or what he believes … doesn’t believe… believes. As long as he’s not that Eeevil Bush!” In fact, I think that his campaign slogan is “Vote for me, I’m not Bush!”

Go check out the whole thing, it's great.

Dealing with the Nigerian Money Scam

You know the one I mean "You will receive 25 million dollars blah blah blah give us your account number, etc". Here's a sweet way to deal with it.

Hey Ya


"Hey Ya"

One two three uh!

[Verse One - Andre 3000]
My baby don't mess around
Because she loves me so
And this I know for shooo..
Uh, But does she really wanna
But can't stand to see me
Walk out the dooor..
Don't try to fight the feelin'
Because the thought alone is killing me right nooww..
Uh, thank god for mom and dad
For sticking two together
'Cause we don't know hooowww...

Heeeyyy... Yaaaaaaa..
Heeyy Yaaaaaaaa..
Heeeyyy... Yaaaaaaa..
Heeyy Yaaaaaaaa..
Heeeyyy... Yaaaaaaa..
Heeyy Yaaaaaaaa..
Heeeyyy... Yaaaaaaa..
Heeyy Yaaaaaaaa..

[Verse Two - Andre 3000]
You think you've got it
Ohh, you think you've got it
But got it just don't get it
Till' there's nothing at
We get together
Ohh, we get together
But seperate's always better when there's feelings
If what they say is "Nothing is forever"
Then what makes, Then what makes, Then what makes
Then what makes, Then what makes LOOVVEEE?
(Love exception) So why you, why you
Why you, why you, why you are we so in denial
When we know we're not happy heeeerrreeee...
Y'all don't want me here you just wanna dance

Heeeyyy... Yaaaaaaa.. (OHH OH)
Heeyy Yaaaaaaaa.. (OHH OH)
Heeeyyy... Yaaaaaaa.. (Don't want to meet your daddy, OHH OH)
Heeyy Yaaaaaaaa.. (Just want you in my Caddy OHH OH)
Heeeyyy... Yaaaaaaa.. (OHH OH, don't want to meet yo' mama OHH OH)
Heeyy Yaaaaaaaa.. (Just wan't to make you cumma OHH OH)
Heeeyyy... Yaaaaaaa.. (I'm, OHH OH I'm, OHH OH)
Heeyy Yaaaaaaaa.. (I'm just being honest OHH OH, I'm just being honest)

[Bridge - Andre 3000]
Hey, alright now
Alright now fellas, (YEAH!)
Now what's cooler than bein' cool?
(ICE COLD!) I can't hear ya'
I say what's cooler than bein' cool?
(ICE COLD!) whooo...
Alright, alright, alright, alright
Alright, alright, alright, alright
Alright, alright, alright, alright
Alright, alright, Ok now ladies, (YEAH!)
And we gon' break this thing down in just a few seconds
Now don't have me break this thang down for nothin'
Now I wanna see y'all on y'all baddest behavior
Lend me some suga', I am your neighbor ahh here we go!
Shake it, shake, shake it, shake it (OHH OH)
Shake it, shake it, shake, shake it, shake it, shake it (OHH OH)
Shake it, shake it like a Polaroid Picture, shake it, shake it
Shh you got to, shake it, shh shake it, shake it, got to shake it
(Shake it Suga') shake it like a Poloroid Picture

[Verse Three - Andre 3000 (Repeating "Shake it" in background)]
Now while Beyonce's and Lucy Lui's
And baby dolls, get on the floor
(Get on the floor)
You know what to dooo..
You know what to dooo..
You know what to do!

Heeeyyy... Yaaaaaaa.. (OHH OH)
Heeyy Yaaaaaaaa.. (OHH OH)
Heeeyyy... Yaaaaaaa.. (OHH OH)
Heeyy Yaaaaaaaa.. (Uh oh, Hey Ya)
Heeeyyy... Yaaaaaaa.. (OHH OH)
Heeyy Yaaaaaaaa.. (Uh, uh, OHH OH)
Heeeyyy... Yaaaaaaa.. (OHH OH)
Heeyy Yaaaaaaaa.. (OHH OH)

Joke o' the Day

While attending a Marriage Encounter Weekend, Walter and his wife Ann, listened to the instructor declare, > > >"It is essential that husbands and wives know the things that are important to each other." He addressed the men, "Can you name and describe your wife's favorite flower?" With a sweet smile on his face, Walter leaned over touched Ann's arm gently and whispered, "Pillsbury All-purpose, isn't it?" And thus began Walter's life of celibacy.

(Stanley Cup Ring to The Invisible One)

Ahhh, the old Alma Mater...

Can I actually call it my alma mater? That sounds really, really weird!
I've got to say my favorite prof's are still Gary Yamasaki and John Macrae. They're the best, by far.

Open challenge to Gary: Anytime you wanna put together another hockey pool, I'm in on it.

I love winning hockey pools. The key to success: don't pick any stupid Maple Leafs!

A Royal Ass-Kicking

Get Ready, Bomber Fans. On August 12th, the Eskimo's are gonna do to you what the Lions just did last night! Muahahahah!!!!
That Winnipeg team... what a bunch of panty-waisted, pencil-necked loooooooosers! Glad I don't cheer for them!
The Lions outscored the Bombers 24-0 in the third quarter on a 37-yard field goal by Duncan O'Mahony and touchdowns by Printers, Ryan Thelwell and Chris Brazzell.

I can't wait to get to Winnipeg, it's gonna be great.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Out of the Blue...

If there is someone in your life who has done something special for you (or whose efforts have impacted you), let them know about it. It's important to give a little back from time to time. Don't wait to tell them (or show them) how you feel.
That's all.

And while we're talking about traffic...

I've gotta say I'm pretty darn pleased by the variety of people who view my site. There are people from all parts of Canada, the United States, Taiwan, England... it's pretty cool to look at my Site Meter Visitor Time Zone Share and see lines all over the place!
You're the best.
Now as for my "friends" from College... you're doing a piss-poor job of supporting me! SUPPORT ME DANGIT!!!!! Spread the Word of the A-Nizzle Drizzle!!!!
DO IT NOW! I love the traffic I've got, but I want more... MORE! muahahahah!!!!
I need to take a break now.

A New Record

This is gonna sound really lame, but I'll say it anyways. Yesterday I set a new personal record for blog traffic in one day. 24 unique visitors accessed my site. Huzzah! I hope I didn't scare them all off though!
I've gotta write something worthwhile and get it on here. There needs to be more debate. I think I'll work on something for the weekend.
Hot danny... twenty four people... woo hoo!

Rocket Fin!

Go check out Dipnut's recording of that time-honored classic, Rocket Fin.

It's a gooder! Go enjoy!

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Bob White

This guy seems cool, and his blog is newer than new!

den Beste Weighs in

A while back, Pei and I were discussing the upcoming US election. I prognosticating about it here.
Stephen den Beste has offered up his perspective, and I have to agree with him. I also hope he's right, because if Kerry wins the election, it's gonna really really suck.
Go read the whole thing. You won't regret it.

Poor Kid!

Go read this bizarre story.
My two questions: what was the boy on trial for, and why did the policeman need to restrain him?
Just asking, that's all.

Hokey Toots!

OhmyGawd! He's done it again! Go read the Monger NOW!

Amen I say! A thousand times Amen!

Yasser Arafat = Complete Dumbass

Don't believe me? If there wasn't enough evidence already, go read this.

In other news...

Lance Armstrong is leading the Tour de France. Ho hum, what a surprise. I swear this guy has mechanical legs or something, he's amazing! And P.E.T.A. is upset at KFC chicken suppliers again. Ho hum, that's a shocker as well.

But here's a cool article that I think all my charismatic friends need to read :-) The title is funny enough, but the picture to go along with it is hilarious! There are a lot of prallels that can be drawn between alleged alien abductees, and adherent of the uber-charismatic movement! m'heheh.

More blood boiling...

I have a lot to say about this story, but I'll save the rant and let you all just go read it instead. I'm sure you can imagine what I would say anyways.

The United Nations proves it's usefulness

UNITED NATIONS - Israel vowed Wednesday to continue building its barrier across the West Bank, despite a United Nations resolution demanding that it comply with a recent World Court ruling recommending that the barrier be torn down.

Curse those big bad Israeli's for trying to protect themselves! How DARE they???

A senior adviser to the Israeli prime minister said that despite the vote, Israel would continue building the 640-kilometre system of walls, fences and ditches because it is already carrying out its goal of diminishing the number of Palestinian attacks against Israeli citizens. "When all is said and done, it is simply outrageous to respond with such vigour to a measure that saves lives, and respond with such casual indifference and apathy to the ongoing campaign of Palestinian terrorism that takes lives," said Dan Gillerman, Israel's ambassador to the United Nations.

Testify, Preacher! Oh wait... you're Jewish. Nonetheless, the guy makes a lot of sense.

The General Assembly voted 150-6 in support of the resolution.

Imagine that. The UN doesn't give a shunt about Israel.

The United States, Australia and Israel were among the six countries opposed to the resolution,

Imagine that...
which was drafted by the Palestinians

Imagine that... the Palestinians drafting a bill to jeopardize Israeli security!?!? Will wonders never cease!
and sponsored by the European Union.

There were 10 abstentions, including Canada's.

*sigh* Imagine that. Actually, it isn't hard to imagine. We've turned into a nation of sissys and lamers. I guess an abstention is better than a vote for this stupid resolution, but not by much.
"Thank God that the fate of Israel and of the Jewish people is not decided in this hall," said Gillerman after the vote. "This resolution cannot but embolden those who are the true enemies of the Israeli and Palestinian people."

Yes indeed.
The vote, like the ruling of the International Court of Justice, is not legally binding but is considered to have symbolic value.

I've got a couple of symbols I'd like to show the Terrorist-loving rectal probes at the UN who voted for this piece of trash resolution. The symbol of my middle finger... the symbol of a heaping pile of dung outside their doorstep... the symbol of my foot up their asses...
On July 9, the world court ruled 14-1 that Israel's West Bank barrier should be torn down because it violates international laws and infringes on the rights of Palestinians.

It infringes on the rights of those who wish to blow themselves up in Jewish markets and on Jewish buses. Well isn't that just too freakin' bad.

The panel also recommended that Israel compensate individual Palestinians whose land was seized and homes and businesses that were destroyed during the construction of the barrier network

But of course, there should be no compensation to the families of those whose loved ones were torn to bits by suicide bombers. That would be going too far.
Curse the UN!

Where's the Pei, Yusei?

Working hard.  In fact, working so hard that I only have a couple of seconds to write this, hit publish, make sure it hits the screen, and then run away, waving my arms in the air and screaming all the way.  Ah yes - I've worked 14 hours a day for the past week now.  But once this week is over, I will become a slacker once again, and then I will begin posting more.

However, there is one matter I would like to address.  For those who are musicians, there is a great guitar company in Saskatoon that makes quality electric instruments - the best thing you can get for a relatively modest price.  This company is called Fury, and their guitars kick the bum off of any standard peavey or fender instrument.  I'd compare the Fury Fireball to the Paul Reed Smith 513 Rosewood, except it'll cost you 50% less, and you'll be supporting a smallish Canadian company that you can be proud of.

Until next time, TOODELOO!

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Just so you all know...

The blogroll is undergoing continual upgrades. Check 'em all out folks. I don't have them there for looks!
Notice Sabiv has gone in under New Found Friend. I can't really say she's a friend... and she hasnt linked me on her blog (a-hem!) but she's got some funny stuff to say about her daily life. So check it out, my faithful bloglings...

What does this God fellow want, anyways?

This is a follow-up to Asylum's last comment, from a few posts back...

I think that God gives us infinite choices in life. One of the biggest problems in my life has been my ability (or willingness) to make a decision in my life and implement it. Many Christians see life in terms of a car on a road. The is one path we are to take, and if we stray from that path, we are outside of God's will (or at the very least, not doing exactly what God desires us to do). I have come to think more in terms of an archer shooting an arrow. Rather than one specific target, we have a multitude of targets to aim at. The idea is to aim and shoot and do what is necessary to see that arrow hit the target. If your target is not what God wants, He will direct it where He chooses. The most important thing, however, is to make a decision and shoot.
Since I have been so terrible at releasing the arrow in my life, I have floundered somewhat and ended up humming, hawing, and procrastinating a lot. I have come to the decision that I will go overseas in the future. It will happen. The arrow has been released and is on target. I have also decided that before I go, I will pay off my student loans. This will take some time, but it is another decision I have made (arrow released and remarkably on target). Some might say "God is preparing you/God has other plans and that's why you havent gone overseas yet". I cannot entirely concur with this notion. If I wanted to go overseas, I could make the choice and do it. In fact, in the three months I've worked at Apex, I've earned more than enough money to afford a plane ticket to Ulan Bator. Not to mention, I've got enough to live off of for several weeks before I'd need to come back (or find a job there!). In this case, it is all about my choice. God will be with me whether I am cleaning carpets in Smithers, or pounding nails in U.B. I know He will. It is all about choice. God wants us to make decent, intelligent decisions. He doesn't want us to flounder in apathy and consternation.
Some choices are better than others. I happen to think that choosing to clean carpets or go on a missions trip is a better option than choosing to sell drugs to minors, or choosing to remain stagnant. Which is why I get upset when I hear about people literally throwing away an opportunity to go overseas. In this case, it isn't about God saying "wait", it is about the person saying "I'm not going". Now I know that I'm extremely biased, but I think that's just really sad.

Asylum says something intersting:
IT'S ALL ABOUT GOD! Let's get back to the word not to what we derive from everyday living

I derive a lot from everyday living. In fact, it has been said that my view on marriage is due to the bitterness and jealousy built up over so many years of being single. My response to this is: "well, d-uuuuuuuuuuuuh!" Of course that's the reason, but I believe it is valid nonetheless. Someone (I think it was Charles Wesley, but I'm not sure) there are four factors that should influence the Christian: the Bible, the Holy Spirit, Reason, and Experience.
We live in the 21st century, many years removed from the authors of Scripture. We must look to experience to help us. It is not enough to simply say "let's follow the Word alone!". The trouble is, too many Christians look just to experience as their guide, and they end up REALLY REALLY WACKY! That is where Reason comes in.

Anyone can say "The Spirit is leading me into this or that", and unless we look to the Bible, Reason, and Experience, we cannot dispute such a claim.

Alright, it's time to play some Battlefield Vietnam. Enough talk about marriage and missions... I'm gonna go kill people!

Monday, July 19, 2004

Quick post...

After much posting the last two days, today is weak sauce indeed! I've got just enough time to point out that I've updated my blogroll again, adding to the "New Found Friends" section. Go check out Solomon Isaacs!
Also, I'm getting really excited about going to Winnipeg. Should I be? I mean come on... the Prairies are about as exciting as Calgary Flames/Toronto Maple Leafs hockey game (which is to say, not very exciting at all).
Ah well, I'll find some way to have fun.

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Blogroll Update

Just added the Last Stand to my blogroll. He/She doesn't post a lot, but when there is new material up, it is usually worth the read. I especially liked the post on Michael Moore, it's pretty stinking funny... and true as well!

The first Instapundit Link

This is the first post in which I link to something at Instapundit. This guy gets like, 100,000 unique hits per day for cryin' out loud! He doesn't need anymore traffic, but this little snippet here is worth reading. The Insta-man is anything but right-wing, in fact, as I recall, he supported Gore and even helped his campaign. But when he nails something, he nails it bang-on, so go read his blog... heck, if enough of you click my link he may take notice and link to me... THEN I'd be on the good end of the phenomena known around the blogosphere as an Instalanche.

Actually, screw it... I don't want an Instalanche... I'm perfectly happy dwelling in 5-10 hits-per-day territory. hehehe!

Linkage love...

I really shouldnt be helping anyone who has gotten more traffic in a week than I have in two months, but go check Sabiv's blog when you get a minute, and help add to her traffic totals.
It's amazing what you find when you search blogger's Recently Updated list.

*Sigh* The saddest thing I've ever read.

You need a subscription to read this, but it only takes a second and it totally worth it. However, I must put up a "WARNING! EXTREME BAD TASTE ALERT", because after you read it you WILL be left with a bitter taste in your mouth. I could not imagine thinking the way this couple thinks. What a sad, sick, selfish, pathetic couple indeed.
(Stanley Cup Ring to Allah)

More info on August 12

I can't wait for the football game on the 12th. To all my bomber friends, this is what will transpire! Go Esks Go!
*Note: replace "Tiger-cats" with "Blue Bombers"

Hey Look! It's Bergen's mom!!!!

Muahahahah! That's a dirty cheap shot... but he'll forgive me... won't ya, Bergen?
Check it out here, or click the title of this post.

Well, we all knew it was coming sooner or later

Fascinating, but not very surprising:
Nicotine could soon be rehabilitated as a treatment for schizophrenia, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases, as well as hyperactivity disorders.
Research shows that the chemical that has addicted millions to smoking has a powerful impact on brain activity in patients who suffer from psychiatric and degenerative disorders.
Some experiments have shown that nicotine can slow down the onset of Parkinson's symptoms; others have had revealed its power in curtailing the hallucinations of schizophrenics.

That's all we need... a bunch of crazies smokin' up a storm! It's getting to the point where everyone we do is both good and bad for us. Moderation I say, everything in moderation!
(Stanley Cup Ring to the Monger)

A Stirring Editorial

Go read Frank J's heart-wrenching editorial here. It certainly made me think.

The Ambiguously Democratic Duo

Muahahah! Check out what Michelle found!!!!
That's just awesome. And if you don't know who these two superheros are caricatures of... you need to watch some of Robert Smigel's work for Saturday Night Live

Saturday, July 17, 2004

A duplicate

Wow, my Blog Double has been found!
Great Template Mike, it is Temujin Approved!!!!!

Housesitting Project

Starting tomorrow night, I'll be housesitting for my Pastor... muahahah! What a fool! The only instruction he gave me was to water his plants! hehehe!!!! He said I could do whatever I wanted, and his wife said if I wanted to have a little "suare" it was no problem! Huzzah! If anyone is interesting is smashing, thrashing, and bashing the PAstor's house, let me know!

Do Yusei what I sei....

I'm happy to report that a Google search of the term "Pei Yusei" will result in three of the top ten returns pointing to this blog. The first return is to Pei's blogger profile, the second is to the main page of my blog, and the fourth on the list is to my contest, which you can find here.
Nice work dude! My takeover of Google is nearing completion!


Dave Kopel, you are a king!
Go read his analysis of Michael Moore's Farhenheit 9/11 here. It is long (but there are lots of lies and distortions in F 9/11), but it is a good read.

More on John Kerry

I would also recommend to everyone that they check out Cox and Forkum's latest political cartoon here. In fact, just check out their whole site and read their commentary. They have great insights and lots of awesome humour (yes, humour with a U... heh).

Temujin Gone Wild

For a while there, I thought I was the only one left here still writing posts.  Then, all of the sudden Temujin comes back with a wild passion with 7 Saturday posts - not only this, but he insults his fellow journeyman in the art of writing by saying this in a post called "Back in Black":
Holy Zeus on a Pogo Stick!  I go away for a couple of days and this blog turns to absolute shunt.  My "contributors" haven't been contributing very much, now have they???? 

I guess my posts don't count because they're not about Al-Jazeera, socialism or marriage.  Oh well - at least we have one thing in common - we're both very bitter men.

Bomber Football

I was a little worried about attending the upcoming Eskimo/Bomber football game in Winnipeg (did I mention I'm going there?), but as long as April, Shannen, and Jennifer are there, I'll get by somehow.

Love Struck Loonie Toon

Continuing with the whole love/marriage/relationship theme... This seems a little disfunctional to me! Go read for yourself.

A bitter fisking!

So, the brother of our friendly neighborhood Asylum wrote the following:
However, while there is no biblically prescribed ceremonial marriage function, the biblical concept of marriage is quite important -- which is probably why, dating back to the pre-Mosaic times, marriage ceremonies have always been very important and quite elaborate. In fact, God instituted marriage from the time of man's original creation - truly a divine institution on the highest ground (Gen. 2:18-25). God goes on to attribute to marriage an extremely important role; that is to reflect the relationship of the Godhead, and to exhibit the spiritual relationship between God and his people.

The notion that God instituted marriage from Creation is quite interesting. Did he really? It seems to me that two naked folks living in a paradise is quite different than that of "Christian marriage" today. God gave Adam his wife because He saw that Adam needed a helper, and when none of the other animals were found to be suitable, God did his little surgery thing, and bang-o, woman! Verses 24 and 25 of Gen two are written almost as an afterthought, or an addendum to the main story. God never says "all men must be married in this fashion", or "until you do this, you are not married in my sight". In Genesis, it is the relationship that is most important, not any concept of a wedding or a "marriage". If you choose to use the term marriage, you must admit that Adam and Eve were "married" from the moment she was created. No vows, no ceremony, no rings, no nothing! Hmmmm.... perhaps we are getting somewhere now! God did not "institute" anything on that day. He merely created a suitable helper for Adam, because the other animals were inadequate.

The relationship of the Godhead is not seen in marriage anymore than it is in any other relationship. God's original intention in Genesis is that all relationships (God to man, man to creation, man to woman, etc) are whole. When I think of married couples, I don't think "Gosh, that is what the Godhead must be like!". And although the argument can be made that the Holy Spirit represents the feminine, the Father represents the masculine, and the Son represents... uhhh... the Son, I can think of plenty of non-marriage examples that better represent the kind of relationships that God originally intended. David and Jonathan, Paul and Silas (or Timothy), Ruth and Naomi all come to mind. In fact, I see God using marriage to to represent wickedness and unfaithfulness! Don't believe me? Look at poor Hosea!

As far as I can tell nothing is more important in this world than giving non-believers a picture of our God. And this is partly the importance of marriage as an institution and even of the marriage ceremony itself.

What you consider a "correct picture of God" is quite different than what I would consider. Not to mention, the marriage ceremony itself is in most cases a farce. nothing spiritually significant happens when the man and wife say "I do". Actually, should rephrase that a little. Perhaps something significant does happen, since I believe God in interested in what we find interesting; however, it is important to admit that it is important to US, not commanded by God. God is also interested when I play hockey, but any spirituality I feel towards the game is entirely my own. That does not invalidate my feelings, but I recognize their proper place.

And it seems that the importance God placed and places on marriage plays out in our world today. Marriage may indeed be the most basic and significant social relationship to humankind. And it is evident that without the nurturing and maintaining of the marital structure, society fails (we're seeing it happen right now in many western countries).

This is certainly comething I can mostly agree with. When it comes to raising kids, there is no better system than that of one man and one women who care for the child together. But the thing is, I know tons of kids from "normal" homes that are screwed right up, and I know kids who were raised in absolutely terrible conditions who overcome them and are succuessful. I cannot quite agree that our society is failing. Can you name one society or culture in history that has upheld this normative view of Christian marriage, and has been "succuessful". I can name a lot that have not respected the Christian concept at all, yet have had success. Or perhaps you are looking to the past hundred years or so of North American history. Certainly America has a "Christian" past, but I can think of no one who would want to to live back then. Truly, that would be a step back, not a step forward.
In point of fact, I rather think our society (that is, Western, liberal, democratic) is not failing at all. I think the US is creating a "more perfect union", just as they said they would in their constitution. It is not perfect, but it is the very best one out there, because it provides opportunity and freedom for all. Canada is similar. We are in no jeopardy of failing as a society. Our threat comes from without, n ot from within. That is why I hold such strong views on the war on Terror. I do not want to live in a world where women are forced to cover their faces. I would rather live in a world that allows people to do as they please. I can honestly say that I would rather live in a country that allows homosexuals to preform a ceremony expressing their love for one another, than a country that will decapitate you for being an "infidel". I hear a lot on the news about people fleeing their homeland and coming to Canada and the US. I don't hear very many stories of people fleeing to Cuba, or Iran, of North Korea.

Good grief, what was I talking about again? Oh yeah, right... marriage!
I just cannot consider marriage "sacred". Perhaps for some people it is, and for me, I think the story of Paul Henderson scoring three game winning goals in the Autumn of '72 was an act of the Divine. It's just a matter of perspective.


So, it looks like the Arabic news network Al-Jazeera will be available in Canada. Well that's just great. Another anti-american network to go along with CBC! Watch out Mansbridge, you've got competition now!!!!!
Actually, in a weird way I think this is a good thing. I wish the CRTC wasn't so stupid about their rules and regulations. There is tons of stuff that networks aren't allowed to show because it violates regulations. This sucks ass, and it needs to change.
It is somewhat hypocritical though for the CRTC to allow this obviously anti-semetic and anti-western station in Canada. If they are willing to let them broadcast in Canada, they should open the floodgates and let everything in (See Monger for more details on the CRTC).

I, for one, will utilize my free choice not to watch anything I don't want to. It's not up to the CRTC to decide what I watch, it is up to me. I've got the power to change the channel if something offends me, and with the Al-crapjeera network, I think I'll just choose not to watch.

Socialist Svend and his Fearless Leader

Oh, this one is rich:

OTTAWA - NDP Leader Jack Layton defended a decision to send Svend Robinson to an international conference in Scotland despite the former MP's plans to plead guilty to a charge of theft.

I wonder how much taxpayers are spending so that Svend can have a nice holiday...

Robinson joined a group of eight MPs and senators attending a session of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe in Edinburgh. He is vice-chair of the group's committee on democracy, human rights and humanitarian questions

Oh, of course, that makes sense. After all, a convicted thief is the perfect representative for democracy, human rights, and humanitarianism. I wonder if the auctioneers enjoyed Mr Robinson's "democratic choice" of swiping that rather expensive ring? Do you think Mr Robinson considered how he was trampling on the owner rings' human rights? Gee, probably not... but with the assinine it is always "democracy/freedom for me and no one else". Stupid.

He (Layton, ed.) added that Robinson has always taken responsibility for his actions. "Right from Day 1, he said he did something wrong. I think a lot of people respect the fact he took that responsibility."

Right from Day One, eh Jacky m'boy? Well, lets just see here... it seems to me that he didn't admit it from day one, in fact, he had the ring for several days before fessing up.


Us Election Prognostication

Pei wrote something to me the other day that sparked some interest:
You think Kerry's flip-flopping will do him in?

Specifically, he means John Kerry, Democratic nominee for President of the USA.  If he had asked me this six months ago, I would've told him that the Dems (or rather, those who voted in the Democratic primaries) are making a HUGE mistake in selecting him as their candidate.  His record really is atrocious as far as switching sides on issues.  Not to mention, his service in Vietnam is sketchy at best.  The guy was over there for 6 months, won three medals, and upon returning to the US, actively protested against the war.  He threw his medals over the fence at the White House to protest what he thought was an unjust war.  It was found out later on that they weren't actually his medals, they were ribbons from another serviceman! Kerry's still got his medals safely at home!  He is a political opportunist of the highest calibre.  He feels which way the wind blows and tries to follow the current, but to me he seems like a complete and utter phony.  Now, if someone has different views than me, I can accept that.  In fact, I respect a guy who holds to his convictions, even though they may differ from my own.  But with Kerry, you never really know what you are getting.  As den Beste  once put it: "I can't say I disagree with him, because I don't even know what he stands for"!  His viewpoints whirl around faster than a Kansas tornado. 

Do I think his flip-flopping will do him in?  Sadly, it hasn't done him any harm so far.  Actually, I should qualify that statement, Bush has not helped his own cause much lately, and that has shifted the focus off of Kerry.  I'm not sure what the President's campaign strategy is, but I thin his advisors need to be smacked upside the head!  I should be seeing advertisements DELUXE about Kerry's record.  Also, the President has been pandering a lot lately, in what seems to be an attempt to win votes.  This is tragic in the sense that he is alienating himself from those who voted for him last time.  There are tons of right wingers who are pissed right off with the Prez.  He should be a shoo-in to win the election, instead, he is trailing in most polls, and if you look at Scott Elliott's numbers, if the election were held today, Kerry would be President, winning almost 51% of the popular vote, and 291 electoral seats.   I recommend that everyone check out Scott's site if you are interesting in tracking the US election.  He views polls from every state and compiles them in an easy-to-follow format.  He also has good commentary and fascinating insights in the US political system.  You will note that his site as been added to my blogroll, under American Pride.  Check it out.

All that being said, I think Kerry could actually pull this thing out.  I'm totally hoping for Bush, because I like the fact that he didn't pander to the UN on the Iraq issue (not to mention he is the closest thing to right wing out there).  Finally someone who stands up and takes action!  If Chretian were half the man Bush is, Canada would not be the socialist shunthole it is today.  Let's see... no military, a failing medical system, support for democracy in words only, and separatists left, right, and centre (both politically and geographically)!  What a great country to live in! 

Sheesh, I keep going off on tangents.  Okay, here's the deal: in my heart of hearts I think Bush is going to win the election, and I have said that since the beginning.  But there are enough people in the US who are pissed at Bush for acting like a complete clown.  If he doesn't really smarten up in the next couple of months, he'll be the second one-term President named Bush.  Pray that Ralph Nader's  campaign takes off!  Lots of people who would vote democratic will give their vote to Nader, and that may just be enough to help the Prez (as it did in 2000).

Back in Black

Holy Zeus on a Pogo Stick!  I go away for a couple of days and this blog turns to absolute shunt.  My "contributors" haven't been contributing very much, now have they????  And Yammers... what up dawg?  When I get to Winnipeg I'm gonna give you a piece of my mind!

Oh yes, you heard correctly... I'm going to Winnipeg indeed!!!!!!  Muahahahaha!  Portage &  Main... here I come!  $600 bucks less in the wallet... but oh well, it's worth it.  I'll be in the 'Peg on August 11th!  Huzzah!  So here is the deal: we are all going to a Bomber game on the 12th.  I'm getting FIVE tickets.  I figure myself, the Dueck, Yammers, Chaps, and my friend from 1st year, Ruchkall.  It's gonna be a good time... and go eskimos go! 

Friday, July 16, 2004

Danton in Orange

Well, it would seem that all of those words of affirmation that Mike Danton's St. Louis teammates directed towards him were, as I called them, just words.  What you would have heard a couple months ago when Danton was first accused of hiring a hitman to kill his agent  was a bunch of Blues players saying "oh, I'm sure he couldn't possibly have done it" and "there's got to be some mistake - Mike's a quality person, and he wouldn't have done something like this", along with a bunch of "we're going to support him through this until he's been absolved of this terrible accusation".  I exaggerate not - these were the words of his teammates and coaches.  And now we discover that it was all just rhetoric.  Danton is as evil as we all thought he is.  He went so far as to admitting it at court today, leaving us with no doubt now that Danton should be locked up for at least seven years.
Now I can almost hear the incessant rumblings - "well, what about Bertuzzi then?  shouldn't he go to jail to?"  And then I'll be accused of lacking objectivity because Bertuzzi is a Canuck.  However, the major difference (for those who are dumb enough to think this way) is that Bertuzzi's deed was committed on the ice, while Danton committed a real crime off the ice.  Unless Bertuzzi had brought something from off the ice to hit Moore with (like a baseball bat or a switchblade), his punishment should be administered strictly by the NHL.  Otherwise, you're setting yourself up for all sorts of chaos in the future.  Meanwhile, Danton should be prosecuted like anyone else because he is a felon, plain and simple.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Pride of the American Eagle....

Laughable, isn't it? When team Canada has a player go down with an injury, we have the resources to come up with something that is arguably better than what we lost. Although Yzerman is a true leader, and capable of many things, I think Lecavalier has an equal, if not better chance of making a big splash on the ice in the World Cup.

But the American team's great star, Jeremy Roenick goes down with injury, and who do they have to replace him? Scott Gomez! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! All I can tell you about Gomez is that you shouldn't pick him for a hockey pool, because I did that last year, and I learned to regret it very quickly. There's no doubt, he plays his part on New Jersey - but seriously, he in no way contends with Lecavalier. And don't forget, Lecavalier was replacing an aged hero - somebody who, though possessing a great name in sports, is unlikely to be a big factor. Gomez, a habitual underachiever, is replacing arguably USA's best player - the one guy American's tout as the closest thing to a Canadian hockey player in the States.

Well, don't worry Americans. I'm sure JR will be fine by the time the Olympics come around.

Is there a reason?

So last night at about 2:00 am I woke to something horrible. All I remember is a big bang, a feeling of falling, and then turning on the lamp at my bedside to discover that the right side of my mattress had fallen through the bed-frame to the ground. Naturally, I was immediately imbittered. I couldn't understand why something like this had to happen to me... the night before yet another big day at the office (yes, I am very busy today, despite the fact that I've found time to post here).

And it got me thinking. Is there a purpose behind every little thing that happens to us, or do things happen just because they can? If you don't know where I'm going with this, here's a little clue: I'm a Christian, and as a Christian, I believe in God. Having grown up and spent time in several different Christian circles, I've encountered a number of different philosophies out there regarding predestination, free will, chance, luck, omniscience, providence... you name it. Some Christians will say "there's a reason for everything - EVERYTHING!". One time, a friend of mine was driving me to the airport for a flight I had to catch. He ended up taking a wrong turn, and it took us for-the-freak-ever to get to the airport, and I missed my flight. At the time, I was far more prone to anxiety than I am now, and I was freaking out. My friend kept assuring me "don't worry - there's a reason you missed that flight. Maybe you were going to be knifed by a psycho... maybe you were going to be seduced by a prostitute... you just never know; but there was a reason!". Of course, I really love my friend, and I was not angry at all with him personally about this whole thing. But I couldn't bring myself to feel the same way about the thing as he did, because I didn't have the same faith in "everything having a reason". I thought - "no, the reason we missed the flight is because you didn't know where you were going, and you didn't take the time to find out."

Now, after all of that, let me tell you what I really think. Whether or not there's a reason why I fell through my bed-frame last night, I can never know. Maybe the reason that I fell through is so that I'd start thinking about the issue, and then I'd write this post, and come to this conclusion (which I only have just reached, by the way - I didn't know where I was going with this when I started writing). Or, maybe it's complete chance, and, if possible, God had no part in the plan for me to fall through the bed-frame. Whichever is true is irrelevant. In fact, I'm willing to bet that there's a whole different way of looking at this that the human mind is not even capable of comprehending. The fact is, God is so immensely superior to us that we have barely even an insight into the most shallow aspects of his thoughts and plans. And if this is true, then what is required of us isn't necessarily that we figure everything out, and learn for ourselves exactly how God works. Instead, we are to live in a relationship with him that is built on trust. Faith!

Now, who's going to have more peace of mind after missing a flight. The person who thinks, "aw, this sucks! By an ill twist of luck, I've missed this flight, and now I'm down $40", or the person who thinks, "no worries - there's a reason why I missed the flight, and God is in control". Well, let me tell you, the person who thinks the latter in any and every situation isn't going to be suffering from stomach ulcers any time soon. We all know about the ill effects of stress on the human body and mind. In my view, we all have a choice of how to respond to a crisis, or a crappy situation. Whether or not we believe that these have a "reason" per se, there's a lot to be said for the person who approaches it with faith that God knows what's best.

That's all I have to say. Now to find out what company made this bedframe so I can file suite....

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Go Canucks Management!

It would seem that while teams like Ottawa, Chicago and even Pittsburgh have been out improving their teams, the Canucks management has once again decided to take a back seat, not only in the draft, but in the signing of free agents. Now, I'm not one to complain - oh wait, yes I am - and let me tell you, this is despicable. I wrote a post a little while ago warning everybody that the Dominator might not quite be his dominating self with Ottawa, and that Sens fans shouldn't get their hopes up. But now that we've all been enlightened as to the strategical workings of Dave Nonis and our precious Canucks, I'd say that Sens fans have it very good. You know, there was a time when I thought we were going to get Hasek, and if not Hasek, perhaps Lalime. Both goalies would have made a heck of a better show than Cloutier (in case you are not aware, I am a Cloutier hater). But don't worry folks... Dave Nonis has something better for us.... he has a Wade Flaherty! A Wade Who-The-Freak-Is-Flaherty! Oh woooonderful! Well, unless Nonis does something pretty fast, we're looking at yet another season of dashed hopes and broken hearts. I don't think any of the Flahertys, Aitkens or Gorens are going to provide us with a Stanley Cup, folks.

Oh well, there's always 2006...

Monday, July 12, 2004

Another straight riposte

So, with regards to the Cursed Marriage Essay, someone whom I respect immensly write the following:
Finally, marriage is talked about alot in the bible...does that not mean anything??

Yes, marriage is talked about in the Bible. However, nowhere does God prescribe a standard ceremonial function which, upon completion, results in a couple being "married in the eyes of God". This leads me to believe that although marriage is important, it is not a sacrament. With Baptism, we do as the Lord did, to identify with His death, burial and resurrection. With communion, we do as the Lord taught in order that we remember what He did for us. Marriage is not even close to being in the same league as these two (in my opinion, and in my reading of the Bible).

Marriage is not overly important to me, and just because I'm a Christian doesn't mean I have to have the same priorites as everyone else. Sabbath keeping is not important to me, but it is important to many of my Christian friends. It is in the Bible too... in fact, it is described quite elaborately and is very heavily promoted, as I recall. Jesus even kept the Sabbath, although he did a lot of things that cheesed off the authorities. There are many within the spectrum of Christian thought that differ on their view of the Sabbath, Baptism, Communion, and a whole host of other things. We respect these differences and agree to disagree. Yet marriage is held up as something more sacred than sacred. I have a question: Why are wedding ceremonies an hour long, and baptism ceremonies only go ten minutes? Why spend thousands of dollars on cake, flowers, music, dresses, shoes, invitations, gifts, food, booze, etc etc etc, and fifty cents on grape juice and bread??? Does anyone else see the absolute stupidity in this? Please tell me I'm not the only one!.

I'm not saying that people shouldnt get married, and I'm not saying that weddings are horrible. In fact, as a capitalist, I think people should do whatever they want with their money. If they wanna spend it on weddings, go ahead. My question is WHY?

It seems to me that when I ask a woman to marry me, and she says "yes", that is it. ame over. End of Story. We are married in the sight of God. No Pastor, no best man, no thousand dollar dress... nothing. Just me, her and the big G.
Darnit Asylum... now look what you've made me do! Thanks for the comments.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

But while we are posting....

I should let you all know my opinions on the world cup, and hockey in general. There's been a lot of crapola festering in this morbid mind, and I need to get it out.

#1: The Bertuzzi Epic - why the flaming deeds of grandeur is Bertuzzi facing federal charges for punching someone in the head during a hockey game? Is it just me, or have there been thousands of cheap shots committed in the last decade alone that have gone completely unpunished (and, might I add, have caused equal or greater damage). Mark my words, this trial is going to give a whole new face to hockey. I mean, I think it's retarded that McSorley was charged as well, but at least his attack involved a weapon of some sort. And don't give me that BS about Bert's weapon being his fist... I've even heard one balloon-headed, nubianic freak suggest that Bert's glove was his weapon, because the glove added SOOOOooooo much more force to the blow. Anyway, this trial is going to make for some very nervous hockey out there. We're talking about the end of toughness - the end of what we as Canadians have worked so hard to create in a game that has ten times the action and excitement of any American sport. The product we'll end up with is something akin to the Finnish game (and if anybody's watched a Finnish elite league game, you know the kind of hellish dullness I'm talking about). And is anybody else getting tired of people ragging on Bertuzzi for what he did? I was listening to the radio the other day and they were having callers discuss the issue, and some people were actually suggesting that the only way they'll feel that justice is done is if Bertuzzi goes to prison for five years. Excuse me while I vomit up my innards. If there's anything in the world that makes me feel like crapping on my hands and rubbing it in my hair, that's it.

#2: The World Cup - this issue will have a slightly less bitter tone, although by no means less passionate. I don't know about any of you, but I'm feeling a little bit reluctant to give my whole-hearted confidence to Mario Lemieux as captain this time around. I realize he has a pretty stand-up record, but isn't it about time we give the "C" to someone who actually deserves it for going out there and playing? I mean, look at the rest of the team. The people who made it are guys that have had to prove themselves, even over this past season. And then there's Mario - the team fossil - who didn't even freakin play last season. And we're expecting him to jump in there and actually lead the team with more than just words? My prediction is that he'll get a few assists, and Gretzsky will go on about how great a leader he has been, and most people, being Mario lovers, will just go right along with it. But in the end, the people who are really going to lead the team are Joe Sakic, Jarome Iginla and Joe Thornton (what a coincidence - two Joes and a Ja-rome).

Ooops - Pei Yusei has to go - he's late for an important appointment with the crapper. AAKKKK!

Ah yes, Pei is in the house....

An important news alert....

To those who have been desperately wishing I would post more often, here's some tough news. I'm going to be busier than the bee in Temujin's bonnet for the next couple of weeks, so you may not get a lot of action from this end for a little while. However, I wish to make it known that I will make my greatest effort at posting every couple of days at least.

Ah yes, and one more thing - Temujin and myself have slightly different political opinions, so while you may get a lot of the right of centre out of him, you can expect a slightly less capitalistic (although, by no means less bitter) tone out of myself. However, please do not label me as a socialist, nor a communist - the ideologies of both groups being the source of a personal inner repulsion that is sometimes hard to live with.

Kapla's Great Pictures

Go check out Kapla's latest pics from Mongolia. There are some amazing shots of a gold mine, lots of cool cultural shots, pics of people and cities and animals... DANG I WANNA GO THERE SO BADLY IT ISNT EVEN FUNNY!!!!!!!

Seeing the pictures of the Gold mine are really reassuring. Hopefully there are Mongolians who are employed there and benefitting from the investment. The Lord knows their economy could sure use a kick in the pants.

Crazy Hockey Happenings...

There are lots of crazy things going on with hockey lately. Vinny Lecavalier is going to replace Steve Yzerman at the World Cup. I don't really have a problem with that, but it is too bad that Stevie Y. can't play. Also, Mike Ricci signing with the Coyotes is quite something, and Mark Recchi playing for the Penguins again??? Sheesh, I can't believe the cash-strapped Penguins would shell out $3 million a year for him! However... he'll definitely be in my hockey pool come September...
Lemieux... to Recchi... SCORES!

But perhaps the wierdest story of all can be found here:
ST. LOUIS (AP) - Former NHL enforcer Tony Twist has been awarded $15 million US by a jury that found Spawn creator Todd McFarlane profited by using Twist's name without his permission.

I don't think Tony Twist made $15 million bucks over his entire career! Geez!

Anyone with comic book knowledge should let me know if anyone used the name "A-Nizzle Drizzle-R-E-to th' Wizzle". I could sue and make a fortune!

More like this, please

Just so we are all clear, with some of my posts, clicking the title will reveal the story to which my post speaks about. On other occasions, I will have the link within the post itself. In this case, the former is true. Anyways:

GAZA CITY - Four Palestinians, including three militants, were killed when their car exploded in the central Gaza Strip Saturday in a blast that Palestinian security officials blamed on Israel.

I rather like it when suicide bombers and terrorists blow themselves up without hurting anybody. I hope there are most cases like this in the future. I like how the "Palestinians" blame Israel! Golly, what a shocker! Israel is blamed for Palestine's failure??? Sheesh, never heard THAT before!

The Israeli army said one of its helicopters had fired a warning shot toward Palestinian gunmen, who were shooting at Israeli soldiers. But the army said they weren't aiming for any vehicles.
Security sources said the blast appeared to have been caused when explosives blew up prematurely

Isn't it interesting how the Israeli soldiers STILL insist on firing warning shots at the Palestinians, even though the Palestinians take great honor in blowing themselves up with NO WARNING WHATSOEVER, killing women and children and innocents? I find it fascinating.

This really does give Baptists a bad rep...

HAVANA - Wearing T-shirts calling for "Regime Change in the US – Not in Cuba," members of a U.S. humanitarian group defied U.S. travel restrictions and entered Cuba Saturday to deliver tonnes of desperately needed supplies.

A radical left-wing activist group? A communist-sympathizer? A Michael Moore wannabe?
Heck no, it's those Christians again!

Travelling via Mexico, U.S. members of Pastors for Peace chose to ignore tough new restrictions that limit travel to the Communist-run country knowing they might face prosecution or jail time upon their return home.

Well isn't that wonderful! Now Fidel can carry on living in his palace, watching his slaves work away in the sugar cane fields, knowing that they have had their fill of food and medicine. Those awesome Christians and their wonderful charity! Fidel must be so happy!

That threat did not seem to bother the group's leader, Baptist minister Lucius Walker, who called for an end to the 40-year U.S. embargo against Cuba.
"We know in our hearts and in our heads … that the blockade is immoral, is illegal, is illogical and is unjust," he said.

Now you listen to me, you pathetic excuse for a Baptist, and you listen up good. The immoral, illegal, and unjust thing in Cuba is the fact that a dumbass dictator is ruling the country. his "socialist workers paradise" is no more a paradise than the gulags of Siberia were in the USSR. It is YOUR actions that are illogical. YOU ARE HELPING A DICTATOR!!!!!!! I know you are trying to do good. I know you feel as though you are helping, but you are not! The problem is with the regime in Cuba. How you could even work with someone who says the "regime" in the US needs changing is beyond me. The last time I checked, they were democratic and free (not to mentions leaders in nearly every field of science, engineering, technology, etc etc etc). Your handouts are only making the people even more dependant. If you really want to help them, educate them about the horrors of socialism and help them to change their government.

*sigh* Would someone please remind me of why I am a Christian? It's guys like this (whose hearts are in the right place, but whose heads are on another planet) who screw everything up for the rest of us.

World Aids Conference

There is a Global Aids Conference set to go in Thailand this week.
A giant condom has been placed in a busy neighbourhood of the capital, acting as a display board for people wishing to pin up positive messages in the fight against the disease.

Erhmmm... uhhh... errr... HEHEHE! Alright, I admit it, I'm immature. But I think that is the funniest thing in the world! Go check out the picture of it! And the funniest part of all: there is a sign on the condom that reads "access for all" !!!! MUAHAHAHA!
Vendors have been selling a variety of related T-shirts, including one featuring a series of colourful condoms in the shape of the Olympic rings. Other shirts depict a U.S. dollar with the words "In Rubber We Trust."

Ahh, I love capitalism. Actually, this is really silly. Aids is an important issue, but this conference seems more like a big joke to me.
Thailand has received worldwide praise for its open-minded view of tackling the disease.

But despite initial progress made in curbing HIV infections, the United Nations has warned that Thailand's vigilance has seriously declined.

I've got some advice for governments who are concerned about the Aids crisis... TELL YOUR PEOPLE TO STOP SCREWING AROUND!!!!!!!!!!
When are people finally gonna clue in??? People get Aids when they do BAD THINGS. THEY SHOULDN'T DO THOSE BAD THINGS!!!! Until there is a conscientious decision made on the part of the masses to make healthier choices for their bodies, this "epidemic" will never end. I wish this stupid disease never reared its ugly head in the first place, but it is so easy to stop. In fact, we could have this thing gone in a generation if everyone smartened up. It just boils down to making a positive decision.

Saturday, July 10, 2004

Oh those weddings!

So, I did the whole wedding thing today. It was quite something.

Anyways, the dance tonight was kinda fun. I went in half-goosed... which made it even more interesting HEHEHE! I also danced... which was a unique experience... but hey, when a really pretty girl asks you to dance, you don't say no! I was happy to see half a bottle of wine at my table tonight. I suppose it was a remnant from the dinner that I didnt get invited to :-) The wine was certainly tasty... let me tell you (although it wasnt really in my mouth long enough to taste muahah!). So, here I sit, and the Local Zone internet cafe... half-savaged and ready to play some Battlefield:Vietnam. I'll probably play like shunt, but oh well, it'll be fun.

I promise that in the future I'll post most interesting things than random half-sallied comments.
Pie, you need to post more. heh.

Friday, July 09, 2004

TV Preacher explained

A few weeks ago I posted a little something about a Preacher I saw on TV. You can read the original post here. Since I've just finished ranting and raving in a most unchristian manner, I thought I'd better change the subject to something a little more... holy (?).
If it took the death of Christ to defeat him, it's going to take some dedication from you to complete that defeat and keep the devil from controlling your life. Jesus has stripped him of authority, but just like any common criminal, he'll do whatever you let him get away with...The devil doesn't really care if you're saved or not as long as you don't go spreading salvation around. He wants to defeat you in any way he can

I have a real problem with this line of thinking. First, if Jesus really defeated Satan at the cross, why is Satan still lurking about, doing evil things and screwing up evertbodies lives? What kind of victory did Jesus win if his foe has not been vanquished? Doesn't sound very "victorious" to me. The notion of Jesus "stripping him of his authority" doesn't fly with me either. If he has been stripped of his authority, it is STRIPPED. It cannot be unstripped! What kind of Saviour would strip and then unstrip Satan of his authority (hehehe... strip and unstrip... mheh!). As well, the very idea that Satan doesnt really care if you're saved or not? What the crap kind of garbage is that? If Satan is alive and well (as most non-Preterists believe), then I suspect that he most certainly does care whether we are saved or not.

Thank God I'm a preterist. When people ask me about Satan, I just tell 'em "he's in the lake of fire where he belongs".

Cursed Marriage Essay (or: Everyone is gonna be pissed at me for writing this!)

!!!WARNING!!! Extreme Bad Taste Alert !!!WARNING!!!

Due to its coarse language, this post is rated R. Reader discretion is advised. Also, this is just a smattering of thoughts... my intention is not to have anyone angry at me... honest!

There is an old saying that goes something like: "Show me the prettiest girl in the world, and I'll show you a guy who is tired of fucking her." Sadly, this statement is true in many cases of marriage. This past week, I heard that a couple I know of have split up. It's the classic soap opera story: man cheats on wife with a co-worker.
In the 21st century, these kinds of stories come as no surprise. However, I was shocked to hear of it with this couple. The thing is, they are both extremely attractive people. Both work out regularily, both have decent jobs, and they seemed to be building a life together. Did I mention, she's totally hot! Like, super-model type hot. Blonde, thin, super-pretty... when I heard that he cheated on her, I thought "what a fuckin' dumbass! A thousand guys would kill for the opportunity to have her, and he throws it all away!". What this guy was thinking is anybody's guess. I suppose only he knows for sure, but I suspect that he wanted something different. He had used what he had over and over again, and was bored with it. Call it mimetic desire if you will, but whatever it was, something within this guy made him order fast food even though he had the steak and eggs at home. I like the term mimetic desire, as it implies that as humans, we want what others have. Almost regardless of what it is, if someone else has it, I need it. This desire is what causes people to lie, cheat, steal, and blame everyone but themselves. In this man's case, he chose a hurtful option (one he knew was hurtful) because what he had did not satisfy him. His selfishness has ruined his relationship with his wife. I hope he is happy! I bet he never thought of that when he was fucking his co-worker! What a shitheel thing to do.

At any rate, this past week has got me thinking again about marriage, married life, and to a smaller extent, children. I won't rehash a lot of the questions I asked while I was at college (to new readers, and those who aren't familiar with my "questions on marriage", I'll try to make it easy to follow the flow of my thoughts. For more information email me). However, I will summarize a few things which I think are important. These really have nothing to do with the rest of my essay, but they are worth noting and could help the read understand where I am coming from.

1. Except for those who adhere to Catholic doctrine, we can all agree that marriage is NOT a sacrament. As long as the denomination you belong to was formed out of the Reformation (assuming the reader is a church-goer... for those who are not... your views on marriage are entirely your own), you believe that there are only two sacraments (ie things that Jesus wants us to do): Baptism and Communion.
2. Separation of church and state is a GOOD thing.
3. The state's view of marriage is different than that of the church because of this separation, and that is okay. The state doesn't force the church to marry people it doesn't want to. Anyone who that the state's view of marriage is incorrect or wrong should look at the status of marriages within the church... helloooooo 50% divorce rate!
4. Nothing spiritually special happens during a wedding. Whatever significance the couple places on their wedding day is entirely their own (and that is okay too, there are things I find important that others think are stupid... and I don't mind). A wedding does not change one's position before God, it does not make him/her any more important, nor is getting married "better" that being single. Conversely, being single is not "better" than being married, it is just different.

As I mentioned in a previous post, a friend of mine is having a wedding ceremony tomorrow. She met a guy last year, dated him for a few months, and decided to "tie the knot", as it were. Since meeting this guy, I have noticed a number of things. First, she has been stressing like crazy over preparations for the wedding. Second, she has constantly worried about "screwing it up" and losing this great guy (and I concur, he is a really cool guy). Third, I can no longer call her to just "hang out". When I first met her, we would cruise around in her car, or go for coffee, or something like that. Now, it is no longer about Sally, it is about Sally and Danny (pseudo-names, by the way!). That is perfectly fine to me; as I said, I like hanging out with both of them and think they are both cool. But what really gets me is that for so many couples I know, the partner half-dictates the schedule. With my single friends, I can call them up whenever and go hang out. Not so with the "marrieds". There needs to be permission asked, and the schedule needs to be checked. Very seldom can I hang out with just one member of the couple. As singles, I've hung out with tons of people, both men and women, and it is no big deal. But with married couples, you get two for the price of one. Going out for a brew with a brutha can turn into an arguement later on, when the brutha gets home to his perturbed better half! I've seen this with many couples, and it makes me feel bad for inviting a married guy out (and don't even get me started on me hanging out with the wife... I stay away from that business!). Why can't things just be normal? Why does there have to be a quasi-dictatorship on time spent together? Is there a couple out there that are actually chill about stuff like this? I haven't found one. There is no freedom in that kind of life. Why in the blue hell would anyone ever choose to live that way? Always having to appease... having to change plans to suit the other... screw that. As it stands, I can spend my paycheque however I damn well please. I can go out to eat whenever I want, I can go with whoever I want, I can stay out as long as I want, and I don't have my conscience reminding me that "your wife is waiting up for you". And don't even get me started on having kids... geez! If marriage doesnt shackle you, having a kid damn sure will!

I'm gonna make a statement right now that I intend on keeping:

If I ever get married, it will be NORMAL. Things will not suck, I won't let them. There won't be any of this monkey-shit business about "waiting up all night" and "feeling guilty about going out without her". And I promise my spouse this: it will work both ways. I will absolutely NOT dictate with who or how you spend your time. We do NOT have to do absolutely everything together. You can have fun on your own if you choose, you can meet up with whomever you like, and if you want to go away for a couple of days to get away and hang with the girls, that's damn-sure fine by me. I will not stand in the way of any plans you might have. I will trust you enough to let you go, and you will trust me with da boyz when I go out.

I believe this is the best way. In fact, it seems to me that in this, there is selflessness, instead of selfishness. No dictatorships... no meaningless phony self-sacrifices... no stupid-ass appeasement policies that cause more tension than they relieve.... none of that shit.

I think that is about all I have to say right now. There was more I wanted to add, but my mind is going a little numb. Hopefully I havent totally ostracized myself from everyone! I've just re-read everything and as per usual, the point is a little unclear. I guess what it comes down to is that everything fucking changes when people get married, and it licks harsh ass. I think of all the people I've known who got married, and everything totally changed. There can never be the fun times of the past, and that is too bad. But the choice was made, and that is that. I may hate it with all the hatred inside of me, but it will never revert back to the way it was. All I can say is that I will not let that happen to me. I want something different for myself.

I suppose I'll add to this sometime in the future. There is some stuff I wanted to say about having kids. Tonight my parents babysat my brothers kid... and he was screaming like a dirty demon. Seriously: screaming non-stop for an hour. Now I love my nephew, and would gladly die (or kill for that matter) to save his little life, but when I think of having to put up with a crying baby night after night... welcome to the land of No-Fucking-Thank-You. Although it would be great to play hockey with my son... that might almost make it worthwhile...

I need to go overseas, dammit.

hehe I lied

Ok, one more quick post:
Football Night in Winnipeg!
CHAPS AND YAMS: Check out August 12th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GO ESKIMOS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*Update* 9:15 pm: Fixed the External Link to*

Pei Yusei doin' his thing...

Nice work dawg! You got it figured out! Sweet! Hopefully Chaps and Yammers can get posting soon too (ahem!).

I've been working on an essay about marriage and married life... hehehehe! I began thinking about it on Tuesday when I heard some interesting news about some people I know, and then last night as I tossed and turned at 3:00am in the morning my thoughts began to coalesce into what I think will be a gooder. I'm so stinking tired today it's not even funny! I'm on a quick lunch break... in fact I gotta get back in ten minutes, so I have just long enough to write this post. The marriage essay should be posted tonight. It will probably be a random mess of thoughts (as per usual), but I think you will all enjoy. For those who are thinking "Oh gawd... here he goes again", you are probably right to think that, but there will be some original content- I promise! I'm attending a wedding tomorrow at Banner Mountain Lodge just outside of Smithers. It should be a good one (relatively speaking... of couse! hehehe). That has also given me some... errr.... inspiration.
When the person whose wedding I am attending reads this... I'll probably be in sh*t, but thats okay!.

Oh yes, and I will post a warning before the essay, but I should also warn you all now: there will be harsh invective used! Do not be surprised or upset by my tone. If you don't like coarse language, then don't read it. Just giving you the heads up, that's all.

A Trip to Vancouver

Well, last night I drove to Vancouver to attend a jazz concert put on by CBC's own N.B. Of course, I get to Abbotsford and I find myself in the middle of the most horrific episode of traffic constipation you can imagine. I turn on my radio, and sure enough, they're informing me that the cars are backed up all the way from 150th street, which is a good deal West of Langley. So when I finally get to the first EXIT into Langley, I do the only sensible thing, and get off, heading South towards the Fraser Hwy. It turns out that a lot of people have the same idea, and after feeling free for about two minutes while zipping down the EXIT and down Glover Rd, I suddenly come upon yet another piece of highway hideousness - traffic backed up as far as the naked eye can see.

Well, the long and the short of it is, it took me a long time to get into Vancouver, and even longer to find my way to Grandview (somehow I missed a turn and ended up going in the wrong direction, before finding my way to the Lougheed Hwy, which eventually becomes Broadway, which is right beside Grandview). The moral of the story is as follows: if you're caught in heavy traffic, make sure you're aware of where you're going, because if you find that you've wasted several precious moments going in the wrong direction, you'll want to hang yourself from a tree by the large intestine and feed on your own tongue.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Just read it.

All of it. Go now.

Auntie Asylum?

Dang, Melissa is an Aunt! I bet that I'm a better uncle than she is an auntie!
Apparently the kid is quite the Dirty McChubbins...

He is a chubber lubber, chub chub-a-rammer!!

There she goes again... coming up with great one-liners. She writes in an earlier post that the kid (aka Nathaniel... aka Nate Dawg) was 9 and a half pounds! DIRTY!

Go congradulate her in her comments section!

So you ask me about Ottawa....

Some say:
"Hooray! The Dominator Is Here
To wipe away the shame
Of each Sens playoff year"
But I say:
"Brava! You've given him your hope
But don't you dare forget
He's older than the Pope"

So it would seem that ever since that gloomy evening the Ottawa Senators signed the Dominator (also known as Dominic Hasek), my phone has been ringing off the wall, with members of various sports organizations and journals demanding my professional opinion on this matter. It goes without saying that I’m an Ottawa fan – in fact, next to the Canucks, the Senators are my favourite sports team in the whole wide universe.

But how can I feel anything but anxiety, mingled with some grief, at this new turn of events. First my beloved Senators deliver a pink one to Lalime – sending him off to a franchise that could drain the lifeblood out of the most potent of superstars. And poor Lalime – a guy who has been a breath of fresh air in the midst of playoff tragedy (with the exception of game 7 of his most recent round, of course). And then they go and spend Lor’ knows how much (probably in the area of 8 or 9 jig) to sign a “wily ol’ veteran” whose only boast is a Stanley Cup ring with a group of players who would have been hung and beaten with long wooden objects if they had done anything but win (as you’ll remember, the Red Wings of 2002 were what was known as a “team to reckon with”). No, I haven’t forgotten that his career save percentage is one of the best of all time. I’m even willing to concede that in his youth, this was a man who knew something about puck stoppage. But did anybody happen to check out how old this guy is? That’s right! THIRTY – FREAKING – NINE! Enough said.

So, now Ottawa finds itself in a real pickle. They’ve let go of a guy who they’ve been diligently developing for years now, only to sign (to a multi-year contract, I might add) a prehistoric Czech with a history of groin ailments (anybody remember what happened to Detroit last year?). And as humble fans, we are left with two options – we can turn sour and stop supporting the team, or we can cheer anyway, pretending that the acquisition of this dinosaur affects us in no way, working hard to keep a smile on our face, as we die a little bit more inside with each passing hour.

Now, before anybody goes running to their telephones to tell all their friends how harsh I’ve been in my judgements, take note of one thing: I am exaggerating a little. I am willing to acknowledge that Dominic Hasek is a very fluky goalie. I’d even go so far as to say that he’s the luckiest goalie who ever played the game. Being the game’s most blatant flopper, and having a reputation for constantly appearing confused and out of control, it would be difficult to attribute his success to anything but luck. Now lets all just offer up our prayers that his luck will hold Ottawa through four rounds of Stanley Cup contention.

This post has been brought to you by Pei Yusei

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Noooooo! Awww crap!

So, I go my own cell phone from work today. CURSES! Now I'll always be at the behest of my employer! Rats! I dont wanna have to carry around a dumb cell phone. I hate these stupid things. I can already envision the 3:30am phone call now:
"ZZZ... huh uhhh... Hello?"
"You've got to come quickly, my house is flooded/on fire/falling apart/being attacked by UFO's!"
"Ohhh shunt, alright, I'll be right over... groan..."

Blech! Who needs it? Apparently I do. Other than that work is going fine today. I've got to return a pile of curtains to the courthouse, which will probably take the better part of two hours, since they are those stupid curtains with the dumbass metal hooks that are astronomically irritating to work with. *Sigh*. Actually... I think Brendan is supposed to help me... sweet!

Monday, July 05, 2004

Lone post of the day

I've worked all day and I've got sweet plans for the night, so this will probably be my only post tonight. Thankfully, Brendon is back to work after his holidays! WOO HOO! Now all I have to do is convince him to take back the cell phone and his keys so I'm no longer responsible in an emergency....
Any ideas on how to convince him?

Hey Manitoba boys: sorry I missed yer call the other night. It looks like Manitoba is becoming a reality for the Shizzle, but I need to know what dates work best for you. How about if I arrive on Wednesday 11th and leave Tuesday 17th? I'd like to book those days off if I could. Whattya say?

And one more thing: boy was I ever wrong about this!
Stupid Senators!

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Raeanne Post

And yes, I haven't forgotten...
Rae is coming "home" to Smithers in a month! Huzzah!
Can't wait to see ya again!

Got my CD!

I received my cd in the mail this past week as well! If you haven't got one already, go BUY ONE NOW! The Dueck and his cohorts worked very hard on this project, and it is worth buying!
I was very fortunate in that the Dueck even personalized my CD by signing a note with it! O Ho!!!!! The autograph of the Dueck! Indeed! Johnny Preterist is a happy camper, let me tell you!
"Preterist, preterist is what I long for
Preterist is what I need
Preterist, preterist is what you want from me..."

Thanks JD, and everyone else go out and buy yourself a copy... it is ten stinking canadian bucks, you can afford it.

Whisper in Time

"Whisper In Time"

all those stories that my dad told me,
they are just a whisper in time
all those things that never came to be,
they are just a whisper in time

a whisper in time, a whisper in time
things that I can't shake from my mind
a whisper in time, a whisper in time
moments that just flicker and die

all those places I wanted to go,
they are just a whisper in time
all those friends who now I do not know,
they are just a whisper in time

maps and roads that brought me here today,
they are just a whisper in time
circumstances that were explained away,
they are just a whisper in time

...we are messengers of memory,
just whispers in time

by Bad Religion

Today my church said goodbye to some very wonderful people. A few months ago, two girls from Ontario moved to Smithers and began house-sitting for some friends of theirs. In the middle of May, they both returned home for a short time. One of them went to Taiwan and is now teaching english (the smart, wonderful jerk that she is has a weblog which I've linked to on the sidebar, Asylum). The other returned to Smithers in early June and brought her younger sister and another friend. I've been fortunate enough to hang out with them. They are leaving on Tuesday, returning home to work and life back in Ontario.

There are some people that you meet in life who are just whispers in time. Such people often come into your life and cause chaos to it (for example, the woman who smashed into my car several years ago!). You are focred to deal with these people because they have wronged you, or have impacted your live in other negative ways. There have been many such people in my life; people who were mere whispers in time. Sadly enough, there have been some good people in my life who have moved on (or I have moved on from them). They too are whispers in time, a memory that has flickered and died. Perhaps I should have done more to remain in contact with them. Conversely, they may have been brought into my life for a specific purpose (and now we both must move on). But what of those whose impact is most lasting? I think that is the case with the Girls from Ontario. I did not get to know them extremely well, nor did I get into any major discussions with them on any heavy subjects. But they seem to have made a tremendous impact on my life. They think in positive ways. They act unselfishly, and are open with people they meet. In fact, I can honestly say that I have never met a more naturally friendly, welcoming, and extroverted person than Angie. There doesn't seem to be any fear of rejection in her. When she introduces herself to people at church (and keep in mind... she is a "new" person in her own right!), she carries a conversation with no awkward silent moments. That is unique to me. I certainly wish I was more like that.

At any rate, I hope I get to see them again someday. Hopefully I'll get to go to Winnipeg in August, and if I do I'll have to convince the Chap and the Yammers to go on a road trip to Ontario (hehehehe!). The impact that they have had on me was not a mere whisper in time. The maps and the roads that brought us together were destined to be. And I for one am grateful for it. Thanks, ladies.