Tuesday, March 14, 2006

To reiterate

About what I said yesterday, ummm...

"Please convey to your people, to the people of Canada, the immense gratitude of the Afghan people for what your country, your people have done for us," said (Afghan President Hamid -ed.) Karzai, "for giving us the lives of your sons, for contributing in money, for contributing in soldiers and for being one of the biggest helpers in Afghanistan."
Karzai pointed out that "Canadian soldiers have lost their lives, a diplomat has lost his life and Canadian solders are at risk in Afghanistan, but they are still helping us."

God bless our troops. You guys and gals kick ass, and I sure appreciate it. Your sacrifice is not in vain.

Yeah, I said it again.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Cut N Run


Has it really been over a week since I last posted?

There is certainly enough news to discuss, and it's not like I've been super busy or anything. This blog funk may or may not continue. We'll see I guess.

But there is one thing that needs to be posted.

Canadians do not cut and run

In a speech to about 1,000 of the troops he pursued dual objectives -- not only trying to boost the morale of those on the ground, but also attempting to counter critics of the mission back home.

"There could be some who want to cut and run,'' Harper declared. "But cutting and running is not my way. And it's not the Canadian way.

"We don't make a commitment and then run away at the first sign of trouble. We don't, and we will not, as long as I'm leading this country.''

Now that's the kind of Prime Minister I can be proud of. It is NOT the Canadian way to run away and hide like a scalded dog. We've had our nose bloodied to be sure, but we've got plenty of fight left in us. And the miserable bastards who attempt to disrupt our mission in Afghanistan will soon find out just how much fight we have. They will learn of our strength and resourcefulness, just as many others have learned.

We didn't run away in 1917 at Vimy.

We didn't run away in 1944 at Normandy.

We didn't run away in the 1950's in Korea.


God bless Canada, and God bless our troops. We'll keep the home fires burning until you return.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Another Fallen Hero

Rest in Peace, Master Cpl. Tim Wilson.

Master Cpl. Tim Wilson, originally from Grande Prairie, Alta., died early Sunday from the head injury he suffered when an armoured vehicle rolled over on the outskirts of Kandahar on Thursday.

Cpl. Paul Davis died immediately in the same accident.

Another hero gone.

Wilson's family was at his side at a U.S.-run hospital in Landstuhl, Germany when he died. They donated his organs to needy patients and praised his generosity in life and death.

"Although his death is a terrible tragedy, I hope that his tremendous gift will provide a better life from the many recipients who benefit from this," his wife, Daphne, said in a statement. (italics mine)

They will. Guaranteed.

As well, a Canadian soldier was attacked by an axe-wielding shitbag.

Trevor Greene, who was promoted to captain Sunday so he could receive his long-planned boost in rank in the field, remains in stable but serious condition from head injuries.

Greene had sat down for an afternoon meeting with village elders about 70 kilometres north of Kandahar when a man in his 20s pulled an axe from his clothing, shouted a Muslim prayer, and landed the axe on Greene's head.

Thankfully he is in stable condition. God bless you, Captain Trevor Greene.
The cave-dwelling subhuman, on the other hand, didn't fare quite as well.

The attacker was immediately shot dead by Canadian soldiers, who were then attacked by militants with guns and a grenade. No other Canadians were hurt and more enemy casualties were not confirmed.

Woo Hoo! Allahu Akbar that, you stupid fucking sack of fecal content. You brought an axe to a gun fight??? Idiot. You got what you deserved, you terrorist assclown. I only wish I could have been there to see your filthy carcass full of holes, you spineless maggot.

And to the brave soldiers who rid Kandahar of this barbarian: Great Job! We love you, we support you, we will not forget you. AND PLEASE BE CAREFUL OUT THERE! The enemy respects no conventional rules of war. They embrace a culture of death. They must lose and we must win.

Greene and his platoon leader Capt. Kevin Schamuhn were visiting local leaders in a series of friendly meetings when they were ambushed.
The two officers removed their helmets and laid down their guns in a sign of respect and trust to local elders, who are usually renown for their hospitality.
In hindsight, Schamuhn said the entire village was clearly in on the ambush that started with the axe attack but included the exchange of rifle fire and grenades.
Nearby children were discretely gathered up and moved away moments before the axe strike. All of the fighting-age men immediately cleared out of town in the aftermath, Schamuhn said.
"We were completely vulnerable to them and they took complete advantage of that," Schamuhn said from a Canadian forward operating base in the area.


Here's more on the treacherous attack on Captain Greene. The Money Quote, "Will we see 10 of thousands of Muslims protesting this flagrant abuse of the Koran?" Oh, surely we will!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Fallen Hero

Rest in Peace, Cpl. Paul Davis.

Cpl. Paul Davis, who was killed in an accident early Thursday near Kandahar, was offered a promotion that would have kept him at home and out of harm's way in Afghanistan.

A hero whose bootstraps I am not fit to lick, let alone tie.