Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Mark My Words

The Carolina Hurricanes will not finish first in their conference. The best they can hope for is to finish first in their division; third in the conference.

Everyone is touting the Weight-for-nothing trade as the final piece in the 'Canes puzzle. But they forget one thing. The Canes were not expected to do much of anything this year, let alone anything spectacular.

Cole. Staal. Whitney. Williams. Stillman. Brind'amour.

A year ago no one was predicting these guys to pull together and tromp on every opposing team that dared make it's way to the RBC Center. The "Dreaded RBC Center in Raleigh, North Carolina" was not something you heard everyday.

So now Doug Weight is added to the mix, and I've got two words to say, "Broken Chemistry".

I'd be shocked shocked! if Carolina remains on top in the east.

And in two years, the Blues will be a vastly superior team than they are today.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Goodbye Google

Hard to argue with Banagor.

Goodbye Google Adsense Program. I have no desire to support you anymore.

I think I am going to look into finding a better site host as well. Blogger is free, and has been relatively stable the past few months. But it is time to move out of low-income housing and into a middle-class home.

If anyone has got any suggestions, I'm open to advice.

Stupid Fascist-loving Google.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Crosby vs Ovechkin 2

The second meeting between Sidney Crosby's Pittsburgh Penguins, and Alexander Ovechkin's Washington Capitals started out good enough, but ended in a lopsided victory for Sid da Kid.

I still say Ovechkin for Rookie of the Year. Sidney has top quality teammates that have underacheived. Alexander has absolutely no help in Washington. The difference is staggering.

Imagine if his linemates were any other first-line players on any other team in the NHL. He currently plays with Dainius Zubrus and Jeff Halpern. I mean. Come on. Seriously. THERE IS A FREAKIN' FORTY POINT SPREAD BETWEEN 'EM!!!!!!

Rookie of the Year. No more analysis needed.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Couldn't have said it better...

From Stephen Harper's election night speech,

We will continue to help defend our values and democratic ideals around the globe. As so courageously demonstrated by those young Canadian soldiers who are serving, and who have sacrificed, in Afghanistan.

This was my favourite part. You know he had those three wounded soldiers in mind when he said it. Heroes, I say.

The whole speech was really exciting (exciting... Harper???"), so you'd do well for yourself just to head on over the Monarchist and read the whole thing. Sheer Quality.

End of an Era

I've been pretty busy the last few days, and haven't had much time to blog.
Lo and behold, one of the biggest cry-babies in Canadian history has been forced to resign his post.

Oh yeah, and Paul Martin is no longer leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. Prime Minister Stephen Harper... dang, that sounds cool.

Meawhile, Abortion clinics everywhere have begun shutting down, and all same-sex marriage licenses have been revoked.

Friday, January 20, 2006

My Brand is Bad.

Alan asked an interesting question about brand names and slogans.

Champagne Posted by Picasa

Turns out my answer is incorrect. "The Champagne of Ales".

Ah, what the heck. I've got Ginger Ale...

Temujin being Bad Posted by Picasa

I've got Vodka...

I'm being bad. Oh Daaaarrrrrcccceeeeyy (et al)


Taking a break from the election madness, and what do I come across? A story about a kid far more courageous than any politician I can think of.


As the election campaign comes to a close, party leaders are stepping up their attacks on one another. At a rally in Victoria on Friday morning, Paul Martin had this to say,

"Let me be clear on this. The Liberal party has always valued clarity above all else. Stephen Harper has not been clear with the Canadian people. His clarity is not clear. His policy platforms do not answer questions that clearly need to be asked. What about clearing up Kyoto? What about missles over our clear skies and in our clear space? And how about his clearly hidden agenda with George W. Bush?"

The crowd of dozens cheered wildly at Martin's speech. One Liberal supporter, who asked to remain nameless, remarked, "I can feel the tide of this campaign turning. People are finally seeing that Stephen Harper's hidden agenda includes turning Canada into the 52nd state!" After another reporter mentioned that there are currently only 50 states, the Liberal supporter was overheard as saying "well, you can clearly see how sneaky that Harper truly is!".

Martin went on to say that "...even the NDP has confused otherwise clear progressives with their unclear message. If Jack Layton will not be clear with progressive Canadians, then he'd better move over, because I will be!"

"I want to be perfectly clear here," continued Martin, "Canada needs a clear leader with clear values. The only other clear party leader in this campaign has been Gilles Duceppe. But he is a separatist, and is clearly in bed with the Conservatives. And since Jack Layton has clearly abandoned his party's principles, I am the only clear choice for clarit- er, I mean for Prime Minister."

Much to the delight of Liberal supporters, Martin ended his speech by saying "Let me be clear: vote for clarity. Vote Liberal."

This sets up what should be a very intriguing weekend.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

It's only a figure of speech?

B-Double points out a rather inconsistent use of the term "father".

Did I say inconsistent? I meant idiotic.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Bad Saturday

Well, it is Saturday night after all, and as Elton once said, "Saturday night's all right for fighting".

Bad Saturday  Posted by Picasa

Man, being in this bad club is really, well, bad. But do you know what is good? And by good, I mean really, really freakin' good?

The Canucks stomping the Islanders, for one.

The Leafs blowing a three goal lead, for two.

And to top it all off, the Sens are currently beating the Oilers 4-3. If they hold on for the win, it will be a trifecta of goodness.

Worthy of being bad? I think so.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Friday Night Margaret Becker

Not to get all spiritual on you or anything, but this song by Maggie B seems especially appropriate.

I should know better
I should believe You
But leaves are falling
And I am crumbling in brittle pieces

I should remember
How well You warmed me
But I'm standing in the browns and greys
Of a season's ending

They say everyone must toss the coin of fate
I think it's such a cold, cold comfort for comfort's sake

So I take these coins and promises
And I hold them in my trembling hands
One is chance, one is rest
One I toss
The other I live

I fear the forecast
I know it can move me
Still I close my eyes and try to remember
The sweet words You told me
I am simply so unprepared
So weak and frightened by the whole affair

I cannot stand
But I will not fall
Without Your promises
Nothing makes sense at all
So I dig them in
And I dare my soul to believe

Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Shroud

A good friend of mine recently finished work on a film called "The Shroud". He (and his co-directors and producers at Pirateship Productions) were hoping to have it released last year, but there is still some work yet to be done.

Anyways, here is the trailer for the motion picture "The Shroud". Check it out, it looks pretty good!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Liberal Candidate Gordon Stamp-Vincent

Last week I predicted the Liberal candidate for Skeena-Bulkley Valley would receive less than six thousand votes. I think I was being generous. From the Interior News:

HOUSTON — Skeena-Bulkley Valley Liberal candidate Gordon Stamp-Vincent stormed out of the all candidates forum at the Community Hall in Houston Monday night shortly after the candidates had finished their opening remarks.
The political rookie from Prince Rupert used his rebuttal card after a media question to Green Party candidate Phil Brienese to demand an apology from Conservative Mike Scott for allegations of Liberal corruption.

Rather than rebutting the question, addressing the issues, and promoting Liberal ideas and policies, Stamp-Vincent took his glove, bat and ball and went home.

"I will have an apology, sir," Stamp Vincent said handing Scott the microphone.
Debate moderator Arnold Amonson intervened before Scott could reply but after the very next question, Scott used his rebuttal card to respond.
Scott requested a show of hands from the audience of how many people did not think the Liberal Party is corrupt to which only a few people responded.
"Are you going to demand an apology from all of these people too, Mr. Stamp-Vincent," Scott asked.

Bwahahaha! In uber-conservative, mining/logging/right-wing Houston B.C., Stamp-Vincent got schooled in the fine art of playing to the crowd.

Stamp-Vincent immediately stood up and left the hall saying: "I do not have to take that, certainly not from you, sir."

But you do need to take it, Gordo. You and the rest of the Liberal party need it badly.

All of the other candidates were dismayed by the disrespect the display represented to Houston voters.
"I'm surprised and disappointed, and shocked and awed and dismayed and I really feel the pain of Houstonians everywhere " said NDP-incumbent Nathan Cullen.

Shuttup, Nathan. If you were on the receiving end of the big thumbs down, you would have wet your pants and ran home too.

On Tuesday, Stamp-Vincent stood by his behaviour.
"I felt I had to make more than a statement, I had to take an action," he said.
"I've knocked on over a thousand doors and most of the people I've talked to are disgusted with the negative campaigning."

So Gordo, what do they think of the Liberals latest attack ads? A little bit of a double standard, hmmmm? Serves you right for aligning yourself with the party of hypocrisy and self-righteous entitlement.

During closing remarks, Scott used part of his two minutes to assure the audience that his corruption allegations were directed at the Liberal Party and not at Stamp-Vincent personally.
"I hope you all know that," Scott said. "I hope [Stamp-Vincent] knows that."

Good on ya, Mike. Anyone with an ounce of sense knows what you meant. Those without any sense run home and cry.

Stamp-Vincent, however, was not appeased.
"[The accusation] was directed at Liberals, I'm a Liberal as are many other honest Canadians," he said.
"It's a tactic to broadly smear a group based on the actions of four people.
"Sorry, that's not acceptable and there's a little more explaining to be done."

There is plenty of explaining to do, Gordo, but it is the Liberal Party that has to do it. And anyone who throws his hat into the ring to run as a Liberal needs to realize that.

If 6,000 voters in the Skeena-Bulkley Valley riding vote for this whiny cry-baby, then I will eat the newspaper article on which this story is printed*.

And I will post the pictures on this blog**.

*Temujin may or may not actually eat the newspaper article on which this story is printed.

**Temujin may or may not post the pictures on this blog.

Quote of the yesterDay

Monte Solberg on the latest Liberal attack ads:

I have no idea if those ads will work. I know that when I first saw them I started to laugh. I felt like I was at a Michael Moore movie, but without the pot smell.

Bwahahaha! I wonder what he thinks of the one that got pulled!

Liberal Red Book Released

But not by the Liberals!

At one point that small mole was only mildly annoying. Now, it seems, the thing has turned cancerous. What a shame.

A Tragedy.

No. Really.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Tuesday Morning Hudson Bay Mountain

Photo taken from Smithers Airport (east end of town) Posted by Picasa

***BONUS*** Tuesday Afternoon Hudson Bay Mountain (click to enlarge and/or steal)

Photo taken from Viewmount Road (west end of town) Posted by Picasa

Monday, January 09, 2006

Errr, I'd like to debate that point

The best quote from the Leaders Debate tonight:

"Canadians work had to pay their taxes..." - NDP Leader Jack Layton

At least one other person caught it (in the comments thread to this post), but did anyone else???

Gold Star to Brian for being the other guy commenting on Marzi's liveblog. And Uber-huge gold star to Marzi for liveblogging the whole thing. Well done!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Red Ensign Standard 34

Shane has does us a great service by hoisting the Red Ensign Standard, issue #34.

He says it is the best standard ever. I report, you decide.

Great job, Shane.

BAD Photos and Aftermath

The Drink Posted by Picasa

The Home Team Posted by Picasa

The Adversary Posted by Picasa

The Final Score.

I even kicked ass at a game of hold 'em poker tonight.

Truly, all my foes were vanquished!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Blogging and Drinking?

Offishul Applikashun Form Posted by Picasa

Blogging now...

Will be drinking during the Canucks Game...

Will Blog during the Canucks game at friends house...

Will post pictures to prove it when I get home...

So uhhh, is that close enough? m'heh.

Update 8:0-0pm - Enjoying Jack Daniels and Coca-Cola.... mmmmm... blogging and drinking and watchig hockey too. Stupid Flames, grrrrr! Can I please have some offense tonight? Pretty please? Salo needs to step up. Bertuzzi needs to stop taking penalties. Morisson and Naslund need to learn how to score on empty nets.

Oh, this could be a long night.

Update #2 8:50pm - Still blogging and drinking. 2nd period was a lot better for the Canucks. Salo scores twice, only one of them counts, but both goals were identical. I call B.S. Flames start the third with a powerplay. Auld needs to step up, because you know Kipper ain't going give up a fluke. I think Bieksa is going to do something special, you can just sort of tell something is afoot. Either that, or Nilson is going to get a natural hattrick for the Flames, and I'll go on a drunken murderous rage-a-thon.

Update 9:45pm - Thank You Referees!!!!!!! WOO HOOOO!!!!!

Update 9:51 MORISSON MORISSON!!!!! YEEEEAHHH!!!!!!!! Where's the rest of my Jack....
This will be the best "After Hours episode EVER!!!!!!!!

Saturday Night Canucks Logo

Go Canucks Go! Posted by Picasa

Saturday Night Canucks Logo (Old School).
Idea shamelessly stolen from Darcey.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Skeena-Bulkley Valley Riding

Main Street  Posted by Picasa

The town of Smithers, British Columbia. Beautiful northern community, or battleground riding? Both, if the campaign headquarters on Main Street are any indication. Three of the candidates have offices within a block of each other (click any pictures to enlarge).

Incumbant Nathan Cullen (NDP) has moved his main office from the Smithers Plaza on Fourth and Main to the 1100 block of Main.

NDP Office Posted by Picasa

The Conservative challenger, Mike Scott, has an office one block down on Main (towards the courthouse from Cullen's office). Notice the "For Rent" sign and the "Sold" sign... on the same building. I get a good chuckle everytime I drive by that. Remax. Above the Crowd? Heh.

Conservative Office Posted by Picasa

The Christian Heritage Party has a candidate as well, Rod Taylor. In the 2004 election, Taylor received 1406 votes. Incumbant Conservative Andy Burton lost his seat to Cullen by around 1300 votes. Although I suspect many of those voters would have stayed home had Taylor not run, it is also reasonable to suggest Burton would have garnered those votes and retained his seat. Nonetheless, 1400 people were willing "throw away" their votes on a candidate who was obviously not going to win. There is more support in this riding for the CHP than for the Green Party. That speaks volumes.

CHP Office Posted by Picasa

With less than three weeks until election time, things are really starting to move. I've been visited by NDP campaigners, but no Conservatives or Liberals yet. A casual glimpse around town sees numerous Cullen signs, several Scott and Taylor signs, one Green Party sign (that does not even have Phil Brienesse's name on it), and no Liberal signs. Last year, the Liberal candidate received nearly 8000 votes. My guess is the new Liberal Candidate, Gordon Stamp-Vincent (not to be confused with this Gordon Stamp), will receive around half that many votes, many from his home base of Prince Rupert. I'd be surprised if he gets 6000 total votes in the riding.

Election excitement is in the air. Can you feel it?

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Blog Neglect

Back in the Saddle!

After a month of severe blog neglect, I think I'm finally ready, willing and able to get back to regular blogging. At the beginning of September, I spent some time at Huckleberry mine. That was quite a treat indeed. It's every bit as cool in person as it looks in the photo.

My Christmas and New Year's were also good. My dad bought me a watch with a Canucks logo in the middle. At first I was excited, but in the last two weeks my beloved 'Nucks have severely tanked. What is worse, is that I can honestly say the best player on their team has been Anson Carter. Anson Carter??? Sad but true. I'm not in panic mode like some folks, but there are several areas the team needs to address. Alright, I'll be honest, they need to address all areas. It really has been that bad.

I'm supremely happy to see Team Canada doing well at the World Juniors. As I write this, the semi-final game between the Good Guys and the Evil Finnish Empire is scoreless, six minutes through the first period.

I've been spending a lot of time reading and commenting on other blogs. Rick Barnes has always been nice to me, despite my constant trolling. Darcey never ceases to amaze me. The guy took like, four days off at Christmas, which was just enough time for me to realize just how addicted to his blog I truly am. Stephen Taylor, and Angry have been a dynamite tag-team duo on all things election-y. In my own riding of Bulkley Valley-Stikine Bulkley Valley-Skeena Skeena-Bulkley Valley, things have really been moving. There are signs all over the place for NDP incumbant Nathan Cullen and Conservative candidate Mike Scott. It is going to be a very tight race, with even Liberal candidate Gordon Stamp-Vincent knocking on doors in Smithers. I have not been called, approached, or had my door knocked on, but I doubt that will continue. The election is going to be the most interesting one I have been a part of.

Alright, that's enough personal stuff. Let the blogging commence.


First thing tomorrow :-)

Update 5:10pm - The Link to Huckleberry Mine has been added, I forgot it before... d'oh!