Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Mark My Words

The Carolina Hurricanes will not finish first in their conference. The best they can hope for is to finish first in their division; third in the conference.

Everyone is touting the Weight-for-nothing trade as the final piece in the 'Canes puzzle. But they forget one thing. The Canes were not expected to do much of anything this year, let alone anything spectacular.

Cole. Staal. Whitney. Williams. Stillman. Brind'amour.

A year ago no one was predicting these guys to pull together and tromp on every opposing team that dared make it's way to the RBC Center. The "Dreaded RBC Center in Raleigh, North Carolina" was not something you heard everyday.

So now Doug Weight is added to the mix, and I've got two words to say, "Broken Chemistry".

I'd be shocked shocked! if Carolina remains on top in the east.

And in two years, the Blues will be a vastly superior team than they are today.