Saturday, July 22, 2006

...on a Pogo Stick!

Warning: Extreme Bad Taste Alert! Coarse Language, Discretion Advised!
You have been warned!

I went out to the Alpenhorn Pub with a few friends of mine from Central Mountain Air. The evening started off fine enough, with a few drinks, a few laughs, and a few good conversations. But, on a personal note, the evening turned to complete shit when, to my horror, several former classmates of mine walked in.

Can I say: Ten Year Reunion? Don't mind if I do!

I had heard this weekend was the big get-together, but I had removed it from my thought pattern because I had no desire to attend, and no desire to see anyone. Imagine my shock when the reunion was forced into my skull by circumstances completely beyond my control.

I didn't exactly enjoy high school; actually, that's putting it mildly. I fucking hated almost every second of it. I had very few friends in my grade. As a result, I have always thought it would have been better if I had been born five years earlier, or five years later, since most of my frends fall into those categories.

There is no desire on my part to be involved in any of the festivities. I will not attend the big bash tomorrow.

Tonight I saw several faces that, if I had the capability in 1996, I would have loved to have wiped the smirk off their fucking dumb-ass faces. Permanently.

It seems more and more to me that the whole notion of people getting together after ten years is a shit-show. "Look what I'm doing!" "Look who I'm married to!" "Look what city I'm living in!"

I Don't Care.
I. Don't. Fucking. Care.
Not One Iota.

None of those people gave a rat's ass about me ten years ago, so I sure as shit am not going to give a rat's ass about them today.
It doesn't matter to me if you work at Huckleberry Mine. Gee, like NOBODIES EVER FUCKING DONE THAT BEFORE!

It doesn't matter to me that you have a "hot" girlfriend/wife. LIKE NOBODY ELSE HAS A "HOT" GIRLFRIEND/WIFE!

It doesn't matter to me if you make more money then me.

I just don't care enough to even make the attempt to befriend these people, even ten years after we graduated "together". Who are they, anyways? They are just people. There are fifty kerbillion of them out there. They are not special to me.

I enjoy my life. I really, really enjoy it. I've got fantastic friends (none of whom I graduated with). I've got a nice job that pays me enough to drink a few beers and have a few good times and lets me get home by 5:00pm on most occasions. I'm single and free and involved with whomever I damned well please, whenever I damned well please.

And I don't need a ten year reunion to remind me of how much I hated high school. And how much I used to hate life.

My life is way too damned short for that shit. I will have no part of it. I'm going forward, damnit, not looking behind.

F.E.T.E. (Fuck 'Em, The End)

Post-script: I did get to chat with a a guy I'd almost consider a friend from H.S. He recognized me right away, which is shocking since I haven't seen him in at least eight years. He's doing quite well for himself, living in Prince Rupert while working on the new container port. Married to a lady that is living in Vernon, 16 hours away... dang, that must suck....

Perhaps my evening wasn't all bad. But I still stand by what I said.