Saturday, July 01, 2006

Little Slice of Canada

Happy Canada Day!

It seems most of the Canadian bloggers out there celebrating aren't saying a lot about what Canada means to them. Rather, their posts contain a patriotic image or two with a link to a news story, or a short paragraph summarizing their patriotic feelings. I do not intend to bloviate, or wax eloquently about my love for this country either. Instead, I will let the camera do the talking.

Who the hell can possibly complain when they live surrounding by the following?

The old railway building.

Mountains on the northeastish side of Smithers - The Microwave, the Dome, and the Onion. Favourite destination of snowmobilers in winter.

Hudson Bay Mountain. Nothing more needs to be said.

The Bulkley runs right through Smithers.

As you come into town, this is what you'll see on your left as you cross the bridge

and this is what you'll see on your right.

Lake Kathlyn- beautiful in the summer, and awesome hockey in the winter!

Summer Fun

Smithers Main Street

I didn't realize the neat effect of the sunlight in this pic until I downloaded it. Tell me that's not cool, I dare ya.

An unimpeded view of the glacier on Hudson Bay Mountain from Willow Road, five minutes west of Smithers.

The view of the mountain from "Dohler Flats", near the Bulkler River.

The Smithers Fellowship Baptist Church. Still looks good since getting a "blue face lift" a couple of years ago.

Once again, Happy Canada Day.