Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A nice place to visit...

Welcome to sunny, fabulous Beirut! The tourism industry is booming in this port town of Lebanon! Indeed, you can hear the fireworks from Damascus on a nightly basis! The party has no end in sight!

What to do in Beirut? Well for starters, your plane will land at their state of the art airport:

From there, you will be whisked away in a limosine to the beach:

After your casual walk along the beach, you can head to the marina, rent a boat, and cruise the open waters of the Mediterranean:

After that, head downtown and view the beautiful architecture of the city:

Finally, you can take in a soccer game at the local stadium:

This fantastic vacation can be yours now, but don't delay! Book your holiday today!
With images like those, you'll forget there is even a silly ol' war going on.

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