Monday, November 28, 2005

Why so glum, chum?

I simply love the expression on Paul Martin's face in this photograph.

What a sad, sorry sack of crap.

Even sorrier though, is he will probably be re-elected with another minority government.

Even sorrier still, is Olivia Chow's decision to run again in the Trinity-Spadina riding in Toronto. Third time's the charm, I guess.

But perhaps most sorry of all, is the huge precentage of the Canadian population that will not vote. I'm not talking about solid Libertarians either. I understand and respect the reasoning behind their choice. But I personally know a pile of people who will not bother to vote. How tragic. If half the people who did not vote in the last election had voted, the results would have been completely different. The same will be true this year, I am sure. And these apathetic statists are the ones who often gripe the loudest over their morning coffees at Tim Hortons.


Andrew at the Bound by gravity used to scream about the Conservatives not spending enough time promoting their policies. Here's hoping the next month and a half will be a Conservative Policy Showcase. However you view the Tories, they truly are the best of big three in Canada.


I'll be keeping a watch on the campaign of Nathan Cullen, and hope to provide insight into the riding of Bulkley Valley Stikine. Mike Scott is the Conservative candidate, and as soon as I find out the Liberal candidate, I'll let you know.