Thursday, November 24, 2005

No, He isn't.

Erhm. Posted by Picasa

Of all those pictures I posted the other day, I forgot to include this one, "Jesus Christ is coming soon". On Highway 62 from New Hazelton to Old Hazelton, you will see this sign. On the flip side, it says "Jesus Christ is your Saviour". I can agree with the latter slogan, I do not agree with the former.

This sign has been standing for as long as I have lived in the Bulkley Valley (13 years). Each time I pass it (which has been a heck of a lot of times, lately), I think about what must go through the minds of those who do not believe in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Surely there are many resident of Hazelton that are old-timers - those that have lived there for decades. For those unbelievers who have to drive by this sign every single day on their way to work, or school, or anything else for that matter, it must make their unbelief even more resolute. From their point of view, it has been two thousand years since this mystical "Jesus" person claimed to be God and said He would come again. Yeesh. I am open to varying definitions of "soon", but two thousand years is not one of them. Soon means soon. It does not mean thousands of years.

And a recent acquaintance of mine agrees, and his website is full of preterist archives and articles.

Worth exploring.