Friday, November 18, 2005

Save our Pool - NO!

A vote for "saving" the pool in Smithers is a vote to raise people's taxes! That is why I am voting "No" in the referndum.

But, another good reason to vote no is that more than half the money collected from these additional taxes will go to increasing the wages of the employees.

A victory for the Bulkley Valley Regional Pool in Saturday's referendum will mean approximately half of the revenue from extra taxes will be going to wage increases over the next four years.
In the same period proposed wage and benefit costs will rise from $466,572 to $616,053.
Essentially this amounts to the pool receiving $197,805 extra revenue from the tax increase - $149,481 or 75 per cent of which appear to go towards wage increases.

Wealth Redistribution at it's finest, folks.

I haven't been at the swimming pool in a long time, and I won't be going anytime soon.