Sunday, November 20, 2005


George Bush is going to Mongolia!

It was Mongolia's support for the war that provided the greatest incentive for Bush to become what aides described as the first White House visitor to the country since Vice President Henry Wallace in 1944.

Mongolia, which produced the warrior Genghis Khan, has deployed about 120 soldiers to Iraq, and Bush was expected to thank Mongolian President Nambariin Enkhbayar for his support in a speech.

A country that was caught in the communist tug-o-war between Russia and China for forty years.

A country that had its meager resources raped and pillaged by godless fiends.

A country that has, over the last decade and half, become a bastion for freedom and democracy despite hardships and strife and a communist resurgence.

That's a classy move by Bush, to visit such an ally. If he knows anything about Mongol history, he'll know liberty's hands have been on these people for centuries.

Bush wanted to "thank them for what they're doing in Iraq … and to give a boost to a country that's really moving in the right direction, and show that even a country that's far away or remote — if it's making the right choices the U.S. is going to stay with them," said a senior Bush administration official.

Here's hoping that a pile of US investment gets dumped into the Mongol economy, and the gold mines can continue to produce.