Sunday, November 13, 2005

It's a Girl!

Congrats, Matt and Angela.

Jessalyn Bree Norton. An exceptional name for an exceptional girl (and I might add, a substantially better name than my suggested one, "Mangela"!).

In typical Canadian fashion, these two former Calgarians waited until after the hockey game was over before going to the hospital. Five hours later, at 3:30am on November 13, she was born. I am certain there are many women who are jealous of her measly five hours of labour.

M'heh... did I just say measly labour? I bet Angela will have something to say about that!

And I'll have something to say about her choice of hockey teams. I'll be darned if she is going to be raised a Flames fan. No child should have to endure such hardship.

Congrats, my friends. I cannot wait to meet her.

Update 12:43pm - Five hours of hard measly labour, that is :=) And I went to the hospital to visit, wow... cute kid. Almost makes a guy want one of his own. Almost.