Friday, September 23, 2005

A walk in the park.

Yesterday morning, I went hunting with two friends. One of them was the same guy that shot this bear, so I was pretty confident that we would catch another.

Well, we did. At first, each of us thought it was a bear. But once it was skinned and gutted we realized it was nothing more than a black greyhound. Poor thing, never even seen it coming. For you gore-lovers, there are no pictures of this one. Sorry. But this bear wasn't wasting battery power on.

However, we did see some other excellent wildlife.

Mama and three cubs Posted by Picasa

My friend really, really wanted to shoot this bear. Until it's three yearlings came out of the grain field.

Mom and Cubs again Posted by Picasa
When the mom saw us, it immediately made a B-line for the tree, and the cubs were in hot pursuit. They stayed there for a good twenty minutes, and only left after we had walked the length of the field and back.

And don't even get me started on the deer.

Deer Heaven Posted by Picasa

We counted something like 27 deer in three hours. Insane!
Only one was a buck, and it wasn't a white-tailed either. My friend is still optimistic about getting one soon.

Good luck, man!

I may have begun a new phenomena... I think I'll call it "photo-blogging".