Friday, September 23, 2005

Kelowna Trip

Kelowna is a great city.

As I mentioned earlier, my boss sent a co-worker and I down there for some training. The Carpet Cleaning Technician course was Monday and Tuesday. It was really informative and I enjoyed sitting through the classes. The course outline included Fibre Types and Identification, Cleaning Products and Procedures, Spot Identification and Removal, as well as a host of other topics. Much of the course was review for me; I have seen and learned a lot in the past year-and-a-half. Nonetheless it was very good go over things again, and I certainly did learn a few things.

We arrived on Saturday night, and left Wednesday morning. That meant we had an awful lot of time to see the sites and enjoy the culture.

Yeah. Right.

We both blew a pile of money and had an incredible amount of fun.

Good Times Posted by Picasa

Errr, here is one example of the fun we had :-)

Hot Tubbin' Posted by Picasa

Here is another.

Salty hangin' out Downtown. Posted by Picasa

And another.

But it wasn't all crazy-good times. We also enjoyed good food, courtesy of Vern's Pizza. Honestly folks, I have never, EVER seen more toppings on a pizza than I did at Vern's. Hokey Dinah, if you are ever in Kelowna, GO THERE AND EAT WELL! It is on Harvey Ave (Hwy 97) near the Chevron and Esso gas stations:

Best Pizza Ever Posted by Picasa

The return trip was exceptionally nice. Here are a few shots of and from the floating bridge that connects Kelowna with Westbank. The traffic was pretty crazy, at least for my Telkwa Redneck co-worker!

Traffic Posted by Picasa

Da Bridge Posted by Picasa

Westbank 1 Posted by Picasa

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We couldn't help but stop and snap some pics of the the Highland Valley Copper Mine, located on the Coquihalla Connector between Kelowna and Merritt. If anyone has more information on the Copper mine, could you answer me this: what in the world is that salty looking lake? As you can see, it is dammed at one end. At places it almost looks like the Dead Sea! Is it a tailings dump? Is is an artificial lake?

Road and Dam Posted by Picasa

Open Pit Posted by Picasa

Salty Posted by Picasa

Temujin Posted by Picasa

Salty again Posted by Picasa

And a really neat shot of Ashcroft,

Ashcroft Posted by Picasa

All in all, it was a great time. Rick, you live in a great city, I hope you know how lucky you are.

Oh, I almost forget. All those pictures were taken with my new digital camera. Welcome to the 21st century, Temujin.