Sunday, September 11, 2005

CBC Forgets

Take a look at this screen cap from CBC's website. Notice anything missing?

9/11- Distant Memory? Click to enlarge Posted by Picasa

Today is September 11th. You might think that on the fourth anniversary of those heinous terrorist attacks the CBC would cover some of the memorials going on. You might think that, but only if you are not familiar with the See Bee See.

It isn't until halfway down the page that you finally get a link to "Sisters, brothers read loved ones' names on fourth Sept. 11 anniversary"

But I guess the photo of 1500 nude lunatics in France is more important. This is obviously headline news in Canada, and the Canadian public needs to hear about it. Because I mean, I for one am enthralled by seeing that picture on the publically funded broadcaster's homepage. My tax dollars at work.

Great job, CBC. I hope the strike results in the whole lot of you being removed from your cushy gub'mint-funded novelty job.