Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Victory Photos

Yes, we were victorious on our hunting trip. Here are some pics.

***Warning Extreme Gore Alert!!!!! AND I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT AL GORE HERE PEOPLE (although any pic of him is disgusting in and of itself)!!!! If you are at all squeemish, or sensitive to blood and guts, DO NOT SCROLL ANY FURTHER!!! You have been warned!!!***

Big Bad Bear Posted by Picasa

Yes, that is Temujin. No, I did not shoot the bear myself. But don't I totally look like an experienced hunter??? And no, this is not the goriest photo from the trip (although with my ugly mug one could argue it is...).

He had it coming Posted by Picasa

He didn't suffer. Much. My friend shot her in the shoulder, and she hit the dirt, got up, and began running around. Last year, we lost a bear to the forest when it got up and ran away after being hit. That was disappointing on so many levels, and my friend was not about to let it happen twice. Two more shots hit it before it got into the bushes, and a fourth to the skull to put it out of its misery. Granted, four bullets is a bit excessive, but we weren't going to take any chances.

Ever gutted a bear before? It ain't pretty.

Guts1 Posted by Picasa

Guts2 Posted by Picasa

Gore1 Posted by Picasa

That is not my hand you see in the pic. However, I did put my hands in there and got some kind of bloody. Not to mention my pants and shirt! I wish I had taken a picture of the Gall Bladder. That thing is worth a fortune on the black market, as Chinese people in Vancouver (and all over the place, for that matter) use them in medicines and stuff. Alas, we are honest-type Christian folk, so it was tossed into the forest. I am certain the crows were satisfied with it.

The whole gutting process was over within half an hour. My friend is quite skilled, although he is far to modest to say so. He was even gracious enough to split the meat with me. His unwritten rule of hunting is that whoever hunts with him gets half the spoils. That a pretty sweet deal for me, a guy who enjoyed a leisurely walk in the park and really didn't contribute to the hunting process at all! Next week I hope to have a heaping helping of Bear pepperoni, and maybe even some hamburger too.

The Meatriarchy would be proud.

I can't wait for the next trip.