Monday, February 07, 2005

Maybe it's just me...

I think IOC President Jacques Rogge is a big friggin' hypocrit. On the one hand, he takes NHL players to task for not accepting a salary cap, saying:

...Olympic athletes don't go on strike 'for a minimum salary of $6 million,'

but only minutes before, he accepted bids for television contracts worth $153 million US. No caps involved when you are the big beneficiary, eh Jacques? I wonder if the IOC has a written salary cap for its Presidents...

But of course, in Jacques' case, it was never only about the money.

"It was a combination of the enhancement of the Olympic brand in Canada, promotion for the Games, the support to sports federations and athletes in Canada, and also the finances," Rogge said.

Yeah, right, of course. You steeeeenkin' weasel. You remind me of another Jacques I'm not too fond of.

Perhaps the real story here ought to revolve around the poor CBC, which has lost out on what is sure to be a big draw for Canadian viewers. Say, is anyone out there feeling even remotely sorry for our publically funded monopoly... the one that just got schooled in the fine art of 21st century, big business, merger-style capitalism?