Thursday, January 27, 2005

Better and Better

From Chase:

If world peace is merely the world status quo, then we're sure as hell endangering it. If world peace is sitting idly by while threats against our nation and all free people grow, then we're going to blow world peace out of the water. If world peace means blindly avoiding the duty to which we are called, the freedom of individual man from tyranny, then world peace is a mortal enemy. So long as freedom is not present in every corner of this globe, in every palace and hut, and in every man's interaction in his fellows, so long as a state can forsake peace and declare the warfare on the individual called tyranny, then there is hardly any true, tangible, and actual "world peace" that can be threatened. I don't know of any peace except that that can be reached in liberty, and any "peace" through means other than freedom is a thing that I seek to endanger.

Uhhhhhh, hmmmmmm, errrr.... yep. I'd say so. (Ed. note: emphasis mine)