Monday, January 31, 2005

How does this make any sense?

What is the best way to help heroin-addicts on the streets of downtown Vancouver?

Why, give them more heroin, of course!

This is exactly what some of Canada's top addiction experts want to find out when they begin the first heroin prescription trial in North America.

If heroin addicts are freed of their daily chase for drugs, if it is given to them three times a day like medicine, can they change their lives for the better?

Doubtful, according to some:

"How meaningful will it be to compare the group of 88 elated subjects that win the heroin lottery to the group of 70 who were also desperately trying to get the free heroin, but lost the luck of the draw?" asked Dr. deVlaming, who has treated addicts in the Downtown Eastside for more than a dozen years.

For their next trick, Canadian researchers will seek to end child pornography by allowing Vitaly Levshin a chance to peddle his wares in Montreal, while a Levshin stunt double will sell fake kiddie porn in Toronto. It is hoped that by allowing pedophiles to watch the illegal and disgusting acts in a safe, secure manner, it will prevent other negatives associated with the industry.

(Stanley Cup ring to Neale News)