Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Martinus Maximus Stinkius

A number of bloggers out there have been tracking the whereabouts of Canada's Most Glorious Leader, Paul Martin. There is must to say on the subject, but I think it's pretty much all been said, and in fine fashion too, I might add.

The Monger weighs in, with his usual style and sophistication.

Paul at All Agitprop all the time, takes Paul Martin's phony concern, pretend leadership, and laughable pathetic attempt at compassion, and shoves it back down his Right Honourable Asphyncter.

And just because he can, Dana says it best:

Indeed. Our Prime Minister is a disgrace... what else can I say.

And for everyone's information, in case you have forgotten why so many of us the Liberal Party of Canada and its benevolent leader, Joel reminds us, with a little help from Kate.

So much quality blogging out there, so little time to read it all.