Monday, January 17, 2005


Well, I almost had a place secured to live in Vancouver - this really nice apartment, already furnished, already equipped with satellite tv - the seemingly perfect home, situated right near my school. But wouldn't you know it - the place had already been spoken for weeks before I even saw the notice (a notice which had been accidentally left up on my school's bulletin board, despite having expired long ago). So, I'm back to square one, mentally joisting with the tedium of these constant three-to-four-hour-a-day driving marathons. I make this drive four days a week, which is enough to put hair on my back. The monotany is such that I'm almost ready to go looking for another place, even though I tend to get lazy and sit back, hoping something perfect will fall in my lap (that's how this last one [almost] happened).

By the way, if you happened to read my New Year's post, in which I stated a resolution to post more often on this blog - keep in mind that if I keep up a one-post-a-week quota, I'll still be posting more than I was last year. Therefore, I haven't yet broken my New Year's resolution, so there!