Monday, January 17, 2005

Oh, that Instapundit

For a first hand look at what an Instalanche looks like, click here.

And that is a comparatively small one. Fortunately for me, I am directly affected by Jay's 'lanche, since the link was directed at the Standard. My site traffic is approximately three times higher than normal today, and has consistently been so on the day in which the Standard has been Instalanched. I wonder if this is the case with everyone else in the Brigade? I suspect it is probably less for sites that have higher traffic than mine, and more for sites with less traffic (that poor soul!). I also suspect that since the title of my blog fall last alphabetically, it helps my traffic. This is because a lot of people who view the Standard via the Instalink probably do not have the patience to wade through the forty or so bloggers ahead of my name in the post. They click the highlighted words like good Pavlovian dogs, browse around a bit to see what the Most Honorable Glenn found interesting, then they move on.

I'd be willing to place a wager that my blog, as well as Abisinthe and Cookies receive slighty higher numbers than the rest of the Brigade, simply because of our place on the list.

At any rate, thanks again Jay, and thanks Glenn! Your shoes will be shined as soon as I finish disinfecting your toilet, waxing your car, and cleaning your digital camera.