Monday, January 17, 2005

Fiddling away

I'm fiddling with Haloscan. I've wanted to have trackbacks for a while now, and finally decided to take the plunge based on some solid advice I've received from the Edwonk.

Right now it looks like pooh on my site. Maybe shuffling the code around on the template with make it look more normal. I think I have to erase the old blogger code too, but I'm leary about losing all my old comments.

Lets see here....

Update 5:22pm- Dammit! All my comments have disappeared, as I feared! Grrrrrr! After 24 hours, Haloscan assures me that they will return (I have upgraded to the Premium Account).

All in all, I guess it is worth it to now have trackbacks. I've got my old template backed up in case I want to switch back.

Update 5:33pm- Actually, I think what I'll do is wait for the twenty-four hours to kick in, and try again. Currently, all my old comments are still intact. I'll try again tomorrow.