Friday, January 21, 2005

Did anyone else get this?

Update 3:10pm Saturday January 22- My initial concerns about this email have been alleviated. He responded to my rather narsty reply, and didn't seem too offended, so that's good. In his respone, he better explained his desire and vision for his blog. I satisfied.
Regretfully, I'm not able to lend him any assistance at this time. Heck, I can barely keep this thing updated! But he did take the time to email back, and even said this:

"I only sent this to about 10 people and I visited many many other
blogs to find those 10 that seemed like their time and effort as well
as content were even worth approaching."

As anyone who knows me can tell you, I love have the ol' ego stroked. so here's to you, creator of Leave a Mark, eh? You may take your rightful place on the blogroll, right between IMAO and NPI.

I received the following email today, and was wondering if anyone else had gotten it?
My reply is bold and blockquoted, the original email is not.

From: Name Witheld

Reply-To: BLANK
Subject: Canadian bloggers: Leave a mark
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2005 23:39:50 -0600

>Hey there,

>I've been surfing around for good Canadian blogs and you are one of the contributers to a blog >that looks solid and entertaining.

I bet you say that to every blogger you email.

>The reason I'm writing you is that I have started a site at which >links to odd, interesting, funny, whatever stories from all over the web, but I'm hoping to build >a slight Canadian slant to it as well.

A noble venture indeed!

>Seeing as your blog is either about Canada or your life in Canada, who better to contribute fitting stories.

Well, I could think of many who would be "better" at it than I. On the other hand, my blog has been called "nirvana" by some, and "the best" by others, so perhaps I am the most qualified candidate for the job.

My blog is about much more than "Canada or your life in Canada". But thanks for trying.

>These links can be to basically anything, but my goal is to have at least a handful of good >Canadian content links per day. Right now I'm adding most of the links myself as you'll see (I >use "heavy" on the site), but I really need to find some other people who are active on the >web and can contribute to the site, or if nothing else, at least let others know about it.

Is it your intention to create an style blog? Will your blog be primarily a linking one, or will there be room for commentary and feedback? At this point it seems as though the focus of your blog is to be a one-stop linkfest. As you know, there are no shortage of those types of blogs out there. Do you forsee the "slight Canadian slant" as your novelty that drives traffic to your site? I might suggest that you don't hold your breath on that one!

As you know (if you read anything beyond the title of my blog), I'm quite vocal about my political beliefs. I noticed that two of your posts have a distinct anti-George W. Bush theme. I would find it personally difficult to support anyone who would promote a notion as dysfuntional as boycotting Bush's inauguration by refusing to spend money on inauguration day. Not only do you promote such an idea, but you post it on your blog under the category of "news"(!!!).

Conversely, are you really willing to allow me a free voice on your blog to post links to stuff you disagree with? I would be careful with that, if I were you.

>If you send in a contribution I will post a link to your blog (please include your address in a reply >email so I can be sure to do that properly) in a blogroll in the menu. If you are interested, >check out the site, if not, ignore me and I apologize for the unsolicited email. :). Just a poor >webmaster trying to drum up some traffic.

>Name Withheld

Hey, no apologies necessary. You must be a decent Mennonite with a name like that. I understand :-) If you'd really like to drum up traffic, I recommend that you join The Truth Laid Bear's ecosystem. You can join here: Also, you can try submitting a post to the New Blog Showcase: However, they are going through some changes right now, so you may have to wait a bit for that one.

I wish you all the best with your new project. I know how frustrating it can be to discover after a hard day of blogging, a grand total of four people have visited your site! At this time, I am unable to contribute anything more than a hearty "good luck". Take care,

Temujin (West Coast Chaos)

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