Friday, September 17, 2004

Mmph, mummph... erhm...


"Jesus is a socialist, no doubt about it. And he's angry too."

(From the Comments Section of this post)

Silly Victor, that isn't Jesus you're talking about, that's Jong-Il. Now HE's a Socialist. Wouldn't it be great if everyone followed this teeming bastion of socialism? I think not.

And another thing, you babbling bag of blistering barnacles: Don't you ever, EVER quote a passage from the Bible on my blog without careful exegesis. Pulling up a verse and using it to suit your own opinion is a terrible hermeneutic. Hell, I learned that my first year at Columbia. You'd do well to analyze the passage a bit more, dear comrade. Specifically, a word search on the term "camel" may be rather revealing. What is worse, is that after quoting Matthew 19:24, you go on to say:
It's time you supposed Christians paid attention to the Sermon on the Mount.

Last time I checked, the Sermon on the Mount was found in Matthew 5 & 6.
You truly are certifiably certifiable.

Update 8:06pm- I've gotta say one more thing. I am pro-choice: I believe strongly in making choices. The trouble is, people make BAD choices. And when people make bad choices (Christ knows, I've made a few), they need to deal with the consequences. Too many people want one without the other, which is why there are so many damn apathetic, irresponsible, lame-ass people on this planet. That's why Seth's quote is so absolutely meaningful.