Wednesday, September 15, 2004

More Sweet, Sweet, Victory!

This time, it's personal.

Yours truly won the Gold Medal in Joel's T3 Contest! You can read my winning post here.

My first (and somewhat natural) reaction is to gloat, gloat GLOAT! But I need to refrain this time. The silver and bronze medal-winning articles are both extremely well written, and it is an honor to be counted as the best of the bunch.
I encourage you all to read all three articles, and leave comments with what you think. I know my post took quite some time, and I'm sure that's true of the other too as well.
A hearty thank-you to those responsible for selected mine as tops, and big thanks to Joel for both hosting this contest, and for the increased exposure this has brought to my blog.
If Pei submits an entry next week, West Coast Chaos will be back-to-back winners!

Update, 8:42pm- I've added a section to the blogroll that lists the blogs of the medal-winners. In the case of an entrant that doesn't have a blog, I've linked to the article on NPI. Go check out the award winners!