Thursday, September 16, 2004

The terrorists show their true colors, again.


KABUL - Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai escaped an assassination attempt Thursday after a rocket was fired at a U.S. military helicopter carrying the leader.

I'm glad he escaped unharmed.

Karzai, who was to attend a school opening, had to abort the trip.

Well, imagine that. Terrorists unleashing havoc at a school! Well, that's certainly a first, isn't it? I'd better calm down, I can sense my blood boiling already.

...spokesperson Major Mark McCann. "It missed and landed about 300 metres from a school in the vicinity of the landing area."

Thankfully no one was hurt. According to this CNN article, Karzai was actually attending the opening of a new roadway (leave it to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation to screw up the details). Nonetheless, those terrorist bastards have once again proven that they care nothing about innocent human life. It enrages me that they are still breathing my precious oxygen!

Afghanistan WILL have elections in October. 10 million people are registered to vote, 4 million of which are women.