Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Michael Coren: Supreme Squeege

Well, that's something! Michael Coren has... errr... come full circle:

I am convinced that the church founded by Christ is the Roman Catholic Church and that Jesus gave earthly authority to Peter and his successors, down to and beyond Pope John Paul II.

I believe that Jesus is present on the alter during the Mass. I believe in the seven sacraments.

He was a Roman Catholic, become an Evangelical, and now has returned to the Roman Catholic faith. You don't see that very often. I hope he's happy with his... errr... new faith. And although I now thoroughly disagree with a lot of his theology, I firmly believe that he is entitled to join (and re-join) whatever religious group he wishes.

It just seems really namby-pamby to me. Not to mention, the guy has like, zero credibility now, and comes off as a complete phony. Good luck with purgatory, pal.

(Stanley Cup ring to Colby)