Wednesday, February 28, 2007

This reminds me of the biblical character Job

A man who lost his wife and three daughters in the 2004 tsunami is now the father of triplets:

Darmi Ali lost his three daughters and wife to the 2004 tsunami. The 44-year-old remarried, and last week became a father again — of triplets, all of them female.

"I am overjoyed," said Ali, a police officer who was back at work Wednesday at regional headquarters in Aceh, the Indonesian province worst hit by the giant waves. "I lost my three daughters, and now they have been replaced by three other girls."

In the Biblical book of Job, the main character is stricken with numerous diseases. his wife essentially abandons him and he loses his children, land, and livestock. At the end of the story, Job's faithfulness is rewarded by God and his health is restored. He becomes the father of ten children to replace the ten that died, and he is given double the wealth he previously had.

I am certain the daughters of Darmi Ali will be among the most beautiful in the land.

His three new daughters will remain in hospital until they gain weight — the smallest weighs just 2.43 pounds.
"I hope they all survive," said Ali's wife, Mariati, as she took a break from breast-feeding.

I hope they all survive, too.