Saturday, February 24, 2007

Suicide Bomber "Succeeds"

It's not often I smile when a suicide bomber detonates himself, but this story made me grin, just a little.

Although the enemy insurgent was shot several times, he managed to continue running in the vicinity of the crowd. The US Army Sergeant chased after him, shot him again a number of times point blank and tackled him to the ground. The enemy insurgent, now on the ground with the US Army Sergeant on top of him, began chanting prayers and reached for his detonator. Quickly assessing the situation, the US Army Sergeant observed that the crowd had dispersed due to the gun shots being fired at this enemy insurgent. In a matter of seconds, the US Army Sergeant pushed the insurgent away from him and rolled away as quickly as possible. The enemy insurgent detonated the suicide vest and "assumed outside temperature!" (Nice way of saying he died). The US Army Sergeant received non-life threatening wounds as a result of the explosion along with 5 others.

Thankfully no one was killed.
No one of any importance, that is.