Saturday, September 16, 2006

Top Notch Karaoke

I spent a couple hours at the Fireside Pub tonight. Saturday is usually reserved for Karaoke, and tonight I was treated to the one and only Kathy Frank, who took third place in the David Foster Star Search competition. I know a celebrity!

"David Foster told the top five that they each had one minute and only one minute so they really needed to bring it, don't leave anything behind, if you had those money notes inside you then use them now," Skorepa said. "That is exactly what Kathy did, from the first note to the last second when her minute was up."

I went to school with Kathy, and even worked with her for a short time many years ago. Tonight she sang a couple of songs and was fantastic. Everyone in the whole bar was cheering, and that's quite a rarity! Think of the sterotypical karaoke bars with no-talent hacks belting out country tunes while half-snappered, and that's pretty much the scene at the Fireside. It was refreshing to hear an actual singer up there (and a near-famous one at that!).

As an aside: to the young-ass country hick wanna-be Alan Jackson who always sings "If I had money" and "Chatahoochie": Quite frankly, you suck. You are off-tune, off-key, and off-base. You should not be singing karaoke. In fact, you ought to just remain seated and not say or sing anything. Seriously folks, a year ago I remember going to the Pub on karaoke nights and listening to this guy, and he was lousy back then. He. Has. Not. Improved! It's so terrible. I mean, am I the only one who thinks that maybe if you have no talent and you suck at singing that you should not sing? Once in a while perhaps... if you are really drunk or just looking to have a good time. But honestly. What do his friends think? Are they even his friends? Surely they would say something to him if they were.

Anyways, this is supposed to be about Kathy and her success.

Good on ya, girl! What a tragedy it is that you lost to a woman named "Che".