Sunday, September 03, 2006

Thank you, Heros

With a Stanley Cup Ring to the Bear (via this comment thread), I think this video is most appropriate, in light of the four Canadian Heros whose bravery and sacrifice shall not be forgotten.

Tonight I am going out to a local watering hole with a friend. We plan on playing some pool, having a few brews, and enjoying the long weekend.

We will do so without fear of reprisals at the hands of extremists.
We will not think twice about enjoying a beer.
We will not treat those around us with disdain based on their gender or religion.
We will use our hard-earned money and spend it however we choose.
We will wake up tomorrow morning and carry on about our lives.

And we will do it all in a free country.

All this made possible by men such as Warrant Officer Frank Robert Mellish and Warrant Officer Richard Francis Nolan.

Thank God for such men.