Sunday, September 10, 2006

How not to remember 9/11

Janice Kennedy is a complete and utter waste of journalistic flesh. She does not represent this Canadian, and I find her words utterly apalling and highly inappropiate.

"Remembering 9/11" my ass, Ottawa Citizen. More like "Disrespecting all those who died that day".

The real disaster is that the ongoing response to it has spun exponentially out of control. The real disaster of 9/11 is that George W. Bush was president.

I mean, of course, the collective Bush -- the good ol' boy and his string-pulling cohorts with their poisonous instincts and unerring flair for mismanagement. I mean the man whose response to the crisis, after he stopped flying around the country looking for a place to hide, was that he was gonna hunt the bad guys down and smoke 'em out.

Which, in all its simplistic dumb-assedness, pretty much sums up five years' worth of the official U.S. response to the complex disaster that was 9/11.

The real disaster is that this woman gets paid money to write this tripe.

No one else in recent memory -- not Al Gore (who should have been in the White House that day), not Bill Clinton, probably not even George pere -- would have botched the job quite like Junior, who has made both the U.S. and the rest of the world a far darker and more dangerous place than it was five years ago.

This woman is completely delusional. How unbelievable that and the Ottawa Citizen would mask her anti-Bush partisan rhetoric with the phrase "Looking Back: remembering 9/11, 5 years later."

Bait and Switch at its finest. Absolutely tasteless.