Sunday, October 23, 2005

Great Idea

Andrew Anderson at Bound by Gravity:

Remembrance Day falls on a single calendar day, however the act of remembrance should not be constrained to that brief twenty-four hour period and then tossed aside for another year - especially not for those of us, like myself, who are too young to have lived through the horrors of war. Learning about Canada's military past is important - far more so than the mere lip service that our education system gives it suggests. Learning about our veterans, from those who fought in the Boer War to those returning from Afghanistan today, will help serve as a guide for the future.

Now that's the kind of Sunday morning sermon I can really get excited about.

Amen, Andrew.

Note: Andrew is inviting folks to contribute stories to his blog leading up to Remembrance day. If you've got a story to share, his blog is a great place to share it!