Thursday, October 20, 2005

Sailing the Seas of Cheese


QUEBEC, Canada (10 Oct 2005) -- A Quebec cheese company has lost its sunken cheese.

Sacre Bleu!

La Fromagerie Boivin was attempting to make its cheese taste better by submerging it underwater.

Last year the company dropped 800 kg of cheese into the Saguenay fjord, north of Quebec City.

Being 50 metres underwater was supposed to produce a cheese that would taste unique. But the company is having trouble finding its sunken cheese.

Unique taste, indeed. Probably a tad on the salty side, I'd say.

But the company has given up even though the cheese is worth more than $50,000.

"It got too expensive," said cheesemaker Luc Boivin. "At some point, you can't be crazy."

Crazy enough to put fifty grand worth of cheese into a large, fast moving river, but not crazy enough to go looking for it when it goes missing? I guess there are limits to insanity.

Erik Olsen seems to think there are happy fish in those waters, but I suspect the happy fish are in the Atlantic Ocean.

Or they are busy collecting on the insurance. After all, the cheese had been deemed unfit for retail sale.

It was essentially valueless. Unless, of course, you really really like novelty cheese.

Note: Prize awarded to whoever knows the significance of the title of this post; that is, where it comes from.