Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Thanks, Sami!

Last night, my best friend and I continued our tradition of watching the Canuck pay-per-view hockey games at the Fireside Pub in the Hudson Bay Lodge. The best thing about watching at the Lodge is they have cool prizes you can win if a Canuck player scores a goal. Prior to the start of the game, the staff hand out player cards to everyone in attendance. If the player you receive scores a goal, you get to pick a prize from their prize table. Some of the prizes include hats, shirts, cups, a free pitcher of Okanagan Springs Pale Ale, and other standard pub fare. Last night, Sami Salo scored on a howitzer from the point, and since I was holding his card, it was my turn to pick a prize. I scanned the table for a quick second, and thought about grabbing a cup, or even getting the free pitcher of beer (m'heh), but then something fascinating caught my eye, and I could not resist.

For Britain! Posted by Picasa

The picture does not do the flask justice. What a great find.

Long live the Queen and God save the Commonwealth, I say.

Easy Beaverbrook, Griffith, Pitt, Nelson, and the rest of you fine folks at the Monarchist (16 or 17 of you now, I believe?!?!). Jealousy doesn't become any of you!