Sunday, October 09, 2005

Even the Libs won't defend every crook

Former gov. gen. Clarkson criticizes Chr├ętien government

Not exactly who I'd expect to see criticizing the government.

Adrienne Clarkson is taking a shot at the federal government. The former governor general says she's upset the government didn't defend her when she was accused of lavish spending.

Ahhhhh, everything becomes clear now.

A trip Clarkson led two years ago through Russia, Finland, and Iceland cost taxpayers about $5 million.

Which is really only seven times David Dingwall's expense account, and the Liberals are defending him. I mean really now, what's the difference?

Clarkson said she was asked to make the trip by the Foreign Affairs Department, and that Jean Chr├ętien's government should have come to her defence.

Did the Foreign Affairs office ask her to spend five million dollars while overseas, that is the question I'd like an answer to.

Clarkson said it's the government's duty to defend the office of the governor general.

Well AC, perhaps if you had siphoned some of that money into the Liberal coffers, or promoted Canadian federalism while in St. Petersburg, you might have warranted some notice from the government. Joke's on you!

I wish this woman would just go away.