Sunday, March 20, 2005

All I'll say on the matter

It is a screwed up kind of morality which justifies ending the life of a disabled person by starving her to death.

I was exceedingly happy to hear that the US congress was going to come together to put an end to this madness. Now it appears that the bill has been stalled due to the request for a recorded vote. Terri Schiavo will get her feeding tube reinstalled, it will just take a little longer for it to happen. No big deal. After all, what is a couple of days with no nutrition to a handicapped person?


Update 2:30pm- Forgot to quote this little gem:
Florida Democrat Robert Wexler objected to the bill, saying he rejected "this extraordinary remedy of now stripping the Florida court of its jurisdiction so that maybe there can be another outcome."

Would the voters in Florida please make sure this wanker does not see an election victory in '06?

Update 5:40pm, March 21- It is also sadly ironic that her "husband" would seek to end her life by starving her, since it was complications stemming from bulemia that got her where she is today. I don't fault Mike Schiavo for getting on with his life. But it seems to me that his responsibilities to her as "husband" ceased when he entered into relations with the woman who eventually gave birth to two of his children. And for cryin' out loud, the parents are willing to take on all expenses related to Terri's survival. If he wasn't content to simply wash his hands of the whole thing and completely move on with his life, why did he choose this route? There are better more humame ways of ending a diabled person's life than removing a feeding tube.