Saturday, March 19, 2005

An Exceptionally Worthy Cause

Joel Gaines of No Pundit Intended has given me the heads-up on a fantastic project he is working on with James Lee (, The project is called, and the end result is that a small percentage 100% of the proceeds purchase price goes towards a non-profit charity fund of the choice of the donor. What could be better than that? Every single cent you spend. Goes where YOU want it to go.

Another great feature is that the site continuously (as in, REAL TIME) updates the amount of donations. As well, the site's accounting is fully revealed. As Joel put it in his email to me: "All purchases are posted on the Web site, and the whole world gets to see where the money raised goes. This ensures integrity, legitimacy, and credibility."

And I couldn't agree more with that last statement.

So get on over there and spend a few bucks. You'll get a sweet bracelet, and you'll be supporting a fantastic cause.