Thursday, March 17, 2005

Jetsgoing, going, going.... gone!

Jetsgo founder and CEO Michel Leblanc appeared before the press yesterday, and offered an explanation/apology for what occured last week with his now-defunct airline.

For the ex-employees of Jetsgo, I don't doubt that waking up and going into to work only to find that your job has evaporated would be similar in feeling to having a motorcylce dropped on your abdomen. However, them's the breaks, as they say. These people are fully trained, and are used to accepted less pay for their work. Their services will be far more appreciated with another company anyway. I hear WestJet is hiring...

And to all those brainless ninnies who think the government of Canada should bail out travellers who missed their flights, I say two words: Buyer Beware.

Am I the only one who thinks Leblanc's speech should have been limited to those two words? It certainly would've made for a much shorter, more exciting press conference.