Thursday, February 10, 2005

Bowel Buddy

Yeah man, I hear ya.

As many of you know who frequent this sight, I am employed by a Carpet Cleaning and Restoration company. Part of my duties include scrubbing and waxing floors for businesses. One such scrub 'n wax job that I have a rather fond memory of occurred at the Nature's Pantry here in Smithers. It is a health food store complete with herbal supplements, inner-self enhancement tools, and a whole host of products for digestive and dietary wholeness. Of particular interest to my co-worker and I was a product known as "Bowel Buddy". Upon seeing this product on the shelf, my co-worker (who is a close friend) and I proceeded to laugh our proverbial asses off. Could you imagine actually bringing this up to the check-out line and paying for it? How socially awkward and/or embarrassing!

Maybe you had to be there.
I dunno.
But it was the most hilarious thing, and I even half-expected my friend to give me a box as a gag gift at Christmas.

Good times, good times. Nonetheless, if I need some regularity in my life, I stick with the tried-and-true method.