Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Tsunami Thailand: a first hand account

The Asylum has posted her experiences in Thailand over the holidays.

Rushing water chases me down a main strip in Karon Beach in Phuket Thailand. Abruptly I leave an internet connection with my parents up in the air. I was never prepared for this...I have no idea what to do. A Swedish girl named Marre, organizes a truck to take us up the mountain to safety. Not knowing if there was another wave on the way or even if it was safe to be on the roads, we jump in the back of a pickup and leave disaster in our wake. Boats on the roads, trees down, shops overturned...people, people bleeding and in shock. Traffic jam...the driver lets us out and we grab our bags and hike up a hill, luckily Marre had noticed a hotel sign here the other day. As we approach the hotel at the top of the hill the owner comes out and graciously calls us in, " Please come stay is are safe".
Ill never forget the terror of seeing water rushing toward me up that road in Phuket, nor the shock of people running for their lives...myself included. It was like a scene out of a bad movie...water gushing, people running...I took my sandles off and ran...not knowing whether the water was capable of flooding right to the end of the street or not.

You would do well to read the entire thing, as well as her brief experience as a "missing person.

So glad she's alright.

Update 1:20pm- Then go read the Babbler's poignant words, and ask yourself "Does this guy not deserve the award for Best Conservative Canadian Blog?" The answer, is yes, he most certainly does deserve the award (but not the award for best new blog.... sorry :-)