Wednesday, January 05, 2005

We're the Kings of the World!

You had to know it would take a hockey-related activity to get the ol' Pei-man posting again. Unfortunately, I was away from my computer all Christmas holidays, and had absolutely no means of accomplishing anything beyond a quick perusal of my email account from time to time. Anyway . . . consider this: Canada wins hockey gold in the Olympics in Winter, 2002. They win the world ice hockey championship in 2003 and 2004. They win the world cup in 2004. And now, they finally get the world junior championship gold, after failing seven years straight (although I must add that Canada has been the most productive team in this tournament in terms of getting medals). Is there anything left for us to prove in order for the world to recognize us as the kings of puck?! Holy crap! Anyway, there's my patriotic rant for the day (and very possibly the year, seeing as hockey's about all we can be proud of, and it may be a long time coming before we see any more of it).

Well, the Pei would like to voice his New Year's resolution: from this day forth, I plan on being a more faithful blogger. And while you politely stifle your chuckles, let me assure you that I'm generally pretty good with this whole resolution-thing (although I'm still not off coffee, and that one has recurred several years in a row now). Well, adios - until next time!