Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Well, it's next time

I'm happy to say that Santa Clause didn't disappoint this year. Anybody who knows me can vouch for my shameless, die-hard worship of the band U2. Well, this Christmas I was given their latest cd, How to Dismantle an Automic Bomb, to add to my already formidable U2 collection. Even more gratifying is the fact that I spent most of my Christmas money in completing this collection. After adding Achtung Baby, Rattle and Hum and October, I am now as close as I ever hope to be in becoming one with the legend that is U2. By the way, to those who dislike them because of their politics - keep in mind that Bono had every opportunity of hopping on the pop music band wagon in the "revolution", but he chose to take the road of maturity - wisely preserving what relationship he may have with George W. Bush (with whom he has met in the past, I might add) in order to continue working towards the benefit of the globe in it's current state. So please don't lump U2 in with acts like the Dixie Chicks, whose only reason for disliking right wing America is that it seems the hip thing to do.