Thursday, December 23, 2004

More on Moore (but not Michael this time)

Alan Adams has a thought-provoking article up at

Thought-provoking, at least, for those of us who love hockey and are interested in seeing how this whole Bertuzzi/Moore/Civil suit thing plays out.

It's worth noting that this is Moore's version of history and his comments serve his own purpose. What was said before Bertuzzi mugged Moore is an allegation at best and the comments are nothing more than that. They would have to be proven in court.

Then there's the role the Avalanche played in all this.

In court on Wednesday, Bertuzzi's lawyer, Len Doust, noted Moore's comment to the ambulance driver as he was being taken to hospital. "He said, 'I told the coach not to play me anymore. They've already had four or five runs at me,' ," Doust said.

Doust went on to say she asked Granato why he had put Moore on the ice with the game out of hand.

"He said he didn't want to out his stars out there," Doust said Granato told police.

If Granato's comments are accurate, it could go a ways in showing he was negligent in his decision-making progress. The argument would be he saved the star players but fed the lamb (Moore) to the lions.

Go read the whole thing. If there is an NHL season this year, Bertuzzi had better play in it.