Sunday, November 07, 2004

Always a bridesmaid...

And Finally a BRIDE!

EDMONTON (CP) - They've been knocking on the door for three straight years trying to get into the Grey Cup.

But an upset 14-6 victory over the Edmonton Eskimos Sunday on a snow-covered Commonwealth Stadium Sunday has the Saskatchewan Roughriders set to knock it down.

Taking advantage of two Eskimos questionable plays that backfired, the Roughriders (9-9) knocked off the defending Grey Cup champion Eskimos in the Western conference semifinal to earn a trip to Vancouver next week.

They have to knock off the first-place B.C. Lions to get an invitation to the 2004 Grey Cup in Ottawa later this month.

They will not beat BC next week, that goes without saying. However, the Saskatchewan Roughriders have given their fans a glimmer of hope, with their victory over the Edmonton Eskimos (a team that has stymied them in the past).

I wonder what Colby thinks of his beloved Eskimos being eliminated from Grey Cup contention?

Update Nov 8, 7:05pm- Oh yeah, he's eating crow now. And the Rider fans aren't letting him swallow any easier.