Thursday, November 04, 2004

Well, he IS from Surrey, after all.

Tee hee:

Missing Surrey man found naked at L.A. airport

It would certainly be hard to miss that, wouldn't it. Guess he ain't missing anymore.

VANCOUVER -- The mystery of a Surrey man who went missing a week ago has been solved.

If you call that "solving".

U.S. authorities arrested the man at Los Angeles International Airport after he climbed naked into the wheel well of a 747 jet bound for Australia

Guess he didn't have enough airmiles to actually get a seat on the plane. Too bad.

An LAX spokesperson says the man told authorities he stripped off his clothes to protest the airline's decision to deny him a ticket to Australia

Can't imagine why they's deny him a ticket. Couldn't be because he is a king-sized moron, could it?

The RCMP has a warrant out for the man's arrest under the Mental Health Act.

Shocking I say, SHOCKING! Release the poor man! The New Democratic Party needs him back. m'heh.

Sucks that they gave him back to us.