Friday, October 15, 2004

Now THAT'S the kind of disorder I want to have!

I thought this was funny:

CANBERRA, Australia Oct. 15, 2004 — A woman seduced and had sex with strangers while she slept and later had no recollection of her infidelities due to a sleeping disorder, her Sydney doctor said Thursday.

Put another shrimp on the barbie!

The middle-aged woman had no idea that she was sneaking from her house at night in search of sex with random strangers until her partner awoke, discovered she was missing from the bedroom, and found her having sex with another man, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital sleep medicine physician Peter Buchanan told The Sydney Morning Herald.

Talk about a rude awakening!

"It is very complex, elaborated motor behavior during sleep," Buchanan told Australian Broadcasting Corp. radio Thursday.
"People are often stunned and overwhelmed when they're told what they've been doing," he added.

Well, I guess so!

The partners and doctors of people suffering from the disorder often do not believe the acts were committed while they slept, he said.

Well, I guess so!!!!

I wonder how many other people "suffer" from this disorder!