Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Interesting indeed.

I've been working like a dirty deed this past week and a half. I've got some essays in the works that have sadly been postponed. Also, Pei emailled me, and we got into a little discussion about Stem Cell Research.... *sigh*.... yet another topic I wish to tackle, but cannot due to time restraints. Instead, I'm just gonna wander around the blogosphere and pick out the obscure, the interesting, or the down-right funny.

First up is the WarMonger, who has a rather interesting post about the Kerry/Reeves connection. As a bonus, he even talks about Stem Cell research, and says it better than I ever could. In fact, I just wrote in an email to Pei precisely the same thing the WarMonger just wrote.

Next link comes coutesy of the Beaker, who has a revised "terror alert level", a la John Kerry.

Last, but certainly not least, Joel has revved up his blog (I love the blue!), and as always, has a number of good posts up. I'd link to them each individually, but you'd better just go read the whole blog. It'll be easier that way.