Friday, October 15, 2004

Rattle rattle, shake shake

Oh my:

TAIPEI, TAIWAN - A strong earthquake hit Taiwan on Friday, shaking tall buildings and shutting down the subway system in the capital, Taipei.

I hope the Asylum is alright. I trust that she rode through it on her trusty motorcycle.

The quake struck with a magnitude of 7, according to the Central Weather Bureau. It was centred beneath the ocean, about 110 kilometres off Taiwan's eastern shore.

At magnititude seven(or ten on the Modified Mercalli Scale), buildings shake vigorously and can collapse, the ground can split (causing major damage to highways and bridges), and landslides occur as a consequence of the shaking.
As the report goes on to say, the last earthquake in this range to hit Taiwan was a 7.6, and 2300 people lost their lives. Lets hope that is not the case this time.